Whether you are a parent who wants to share your heritage with your child or a family who loves experimenting with different meals, Author Anna Prandoni has a fantastic book for the whole family, Let’s Cook Italian-A Family Cook Book-

Written in both Italian and English, this cookbook comes with instructions (What does Anipasti mean?) and some delicious recipes. Get your children involved with the cooking process so they can have a new appreciation for yummy find foods from across beautiful Italia!


We love this book because each recipe is ranked as easy, medium or hard. This helps parents decide how much involvement their children will have in the preparation based on the recommendation.  There is also a With The Kids section, that allows parents to assign their little ones jobs that match their age range. We also like the little stories about where the food recipe is popular and little snippets of Italian culture.

Illustrator Emanuela Ligabue has trendy, fun drawings that accompany each recipe. The fun, bold colors/colours will further peak the children’s interest to help their family in the kitchen.

Not only is this book bilingual, cultural and fun, but it is educational for your child to learn about a famous culture, become more independent by learning instructions and how to work safely around a kitchen and most of all, to appreciate the fine art of cooking Italian food.

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