Are you looking for some fun and engaging scientific experiments for the whole family? Amazing (Mostly) Edible Science is a great family guide to fun experiments that you can do in your own kitchen!


Getting your family interested in science is so important, so why not create fun, non toxic experiments right at home? This book helps children create fun, safe projects that often times have a yummy edible outcome! From volcano cakes to glow in the dark Jell-O, your children will be busy for hours learning about scientific principles while enjoying some delicious treats.

We like that every recipe or project is non toxic and safe for consumption. Some are just for taste while others are a yummy snack (think molten chocolate cupakes). Your children will become more confident about science and cooking with this fun and engaging book.

Author Andrew Schloss is a is a cooking teacher, author, food writer and food industry consultant. He is the perfect guide to help your children understand scientific principles while having fun!

We love the ‘How Did It Happen?’ Section at the end of each experiment so your children understand why the reactions in their experiment happen.

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