A Garden Called Home – For many people, they have two homes: the country they live in now and the country that they were born in. Whether you have traveled across your country or from one country to another, you know that feeling of homesickness. To top it off, when your child is being raised in a different environment than you are, it can be complicated. A Garden Called Home is a tale of two countries. A mother, making a different life for her daughter in one country, comes back to her home country to be with family on a visit.

What Is It About

Author Jessica J. Lee highlights a common challenge for those who are from one country and live in another. When a little girl sees that her Mother misses her country back home When Mama announces that they will be visiting the country in which she came, this little one is so excited. She meets her wonderful family, explores this country and sees her Mother so happy as she is back home. Mama shows her daughter the beauty of their home country.

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When they return to the country that they currently live in, this little one notices her Mother always stays inside during the cold weather. The daughter decides to show her Mom what she has learned about the country that they are living in. Can she reciprocate the gifts Mama gave about learning of the land, food and culture of her country? Little daughter wants Mom to learn all of the beauty of this colder climate.

The Morals

This book weaves a beautiful story about keeping your culture and finding the beauty and culture in your new country as well. Both countries are honored and beautiful and can be embraced by countries. You have to love A Garden Called Home.

Extra Credit

Have your child write and draw pictures of what they love about the country that they live in now and the country their family came from. If your children are originally from this country or the same area, then allow them to draw a picture and write about a country that fascinates them. What are the similarities and differences? What makes both countries beautiful?