A Narwhal and Jelly Board Book Bubbles

Best friends Narwhal and Jelly have been entertaining children for years. Now, your little ones can join in the fun with A Narwhal and Jelly Board Book BUBBLES! This board book is designed so that even your smallest children can fall in love with the sweet narwhal and his sassy jellyfish friend.

Bubbles Are The Best

Sometimes you can find yourself in what seems to be a difficult situation, but it could lead to something incredible! Narwhal and Jellyfish go on an “incredi-bubble” adventure.

When Narhwal’s horn accidently pops Jelly’s bubble, the two best friends go in search of a new bubble. They go up high to almost the sea surface and scale far below to the ocean’s floor.

What This Board Book Teaches Babies and Toddlers

This book is great for babies and toddlers as it teaches them how to imagine things they may have seen before and. They will learn shapes and how bubbles can “pop”. Babies and toddlers will also realize how to blow bubbles. The book by Ben Clanton is easy to read and your two and three year olds may begin to recognize and memorize some of the book! Babies and toddlers love bubbles.

Your child will learn word annunciation, exercise their language and memorization skills and so much more. With some sprinkled humor and beautiful illustrations, this will instantly become one of your child’s favorite books.


Take your toddlers and babies outside and blow some bubbles and let them pop them! Ask your older toddlers if they see any shapes or animals in each bubble. This will help develop their imagination skills. If you teach your toddler how to blow bubbles, this will help with fine motor skills.

Sometimes, the unknown can teach us some of the best lessons and give us some of the greatest adventures. This book is perfect for your baby and toddler library.

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