We were delighted to receive a new book this week for our #MelandNikkiReview called, Adventures in Asian Art: An Afternoon at the Museum.

This book follows a mother and her three young children as they discover art from across Asia.

From Indonesian rod puppets to Japanese samurai armor, the children explore how artworks were used and why they were created. With playful, informative text and animated illustrations, this book brings the museum and its art to life.

From exhibit to exhibit, this book invites kids to picture themselves in a variety of Asian countries as they ride on a rhino, become a samurai, or climb Mt. Fuji! There is adventure as you turn each page.

This delightfully 48-page illustrated, classroom-friendly book shares a series of fun facts about each of the exhibits and explains the culture, beliefs, and daily life informing these wonderful works of art.

This book makes a great addition to enriching the learning and minds of young readers. I would recommend this book for children 7+. I did read this delightful book to my toddler who is only two and a half years of age. The parts that I focused on was the story and did not read the informative pieces to her as I believe she would not sit long enough to absorb what I was reading. However, I look forward to reading those parts with her as she gets older.

We do give this book 5 Dragons out of 5 for the beautifully designed, educational and captivating story, Adventures in Asian Art: An Afternoon at the Museum.

About the Author

Writer, illustrator, sculptor and former Disney animator, Sue DiCicco founded Armed with the Arts (ArmedWithTheArts.org), a program dedicated to encouraging creative expression in kids, and is the creator of the Peace Crane Project, with participation from over 150 countries. She has written dozens and illustrated hundreds of books for kids.

Deborah Clearwater has her dream job as Director of Education and Interpretation at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, where she has worked in education for 19 years. She has a masters degree in Japanese Art History from the University of Maryland and when not discovering fun facts about Asian art can be found riding her bicycle. This is her first contribution to a children’s book.

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Until next time…..Happy Parenting!

– Momma Braga

*We received this product in exchange for an honest review.