Ali in the Valley

Ali in the Valley is the cooking lifestyle/blog that helps busy people create delicious recipes! As parents, we can feel overwhelmed with all that we have to do to provide for our family. You don’t have to worry thanks to Ali’s incredible blog, delicious recipes and gorgeous photos.


Ali, tell us how Ali in the valley came to fruition.

Ali in the Valley came to fruition when I took time off from my music business career and needed another creative outlet.  I love to cook and I use to cook and make cocktails for all my artists when they came to my home for meetings.  Then I attended Epicurean School.  Ali in the Valley was my natural progression developing into a cooking/lifestyle blog for busy people who are on the quest for delicious, easy to execute recipes and lifestyle tips.

Detail for us the four phrases to describe your life:

Power Broker

I’m always in the middle of a deal either for Ali in the Valley, Music Business Career or Family deals. I’m always brokering something! LOL

Power Woman

I’m a woman who loves to work has an awesome career and juggles a lot of responsibilities in the music and music technology arena but loves to entertain at my home.  I’m a well round woman always on the go!

Power Mom

I’m a woman who is raising 2 kids, runs a household, participate in their activities (music and sports), volunteers at their school, has a long standing relationship, all while having other creative hobbies (like a cooking lifestyle blog and a consistent work out regime to stay fit and healthy) and sometimes a numerous other activities ALL AT THE SAME TIME.


Power Life

Stop blaming. Stop making excuses. Stop judging yourself. Practice acceptance.

Connect with the present moment. Recognize the power of choice. Accept that you want to change. Forgive. Take ownership over your decisions. Start taking positive actions.


Preparing food for others is not only an artistic expression, it is an expression of love. What is it like to share a meal with close family and friends?

I absolutely love cooking for family and friends. There is something magical in preparing and serving good down home food. Food represents your individual taste in life and you share your own expressions thru your food.


Tell us about your amazing web show!

My Ali in the Valley show is so much fun I cook delicious recipes that are super simple to execute. Season 2 includes some of my favorite recipes Crab Cakes, Jambalaya, Collard Greens, Brussel Sprouts, Chicken Soup, Roasted Chicken Thighs, Scrimp Scampi, Swordfish, Stew and Honey Garlic Pork Chops. Are you hungry, yet?

Your food recipes are not only delicious but they are healthy! What do you say to the nay sayers that good food is never good for you?

I say come try my recipes, They are tasty and healthy!


Your recipes are yummy but you create simple recipes that the everyday cook can recreate. Why is this important?

This is super important because all of us our working career people you don’t have a lot of time and need to jump in the kitchen quickly and effortless deliver a healthy delicious meal.

What is your favorite cocktail?

Vodka Gimlet from Ivy By Shore


You also make sure your recipes are for everyone. They are economically friendly. Do you believe that delicious recipes that are friendly on the wallet will help more people cook at home?

Absolutely, for example if you go to an upscale restaurant you will pay $35 or more for a steak.  If you make a steak at home it will cost you about $10.  It’s better to learn how to cook a delicious restaurant style steak at home than over spending at a restaurant.  You feel me?


What is your ideal meal when you are hosting your closest friends?  

I always have at least one of my famous Cheese Grassing Boards!  And as an ideal meal depends on who is coming over vegetarian or meat eaters but If it’s casual I’ll always fall back to my very famous tacos. Yes, it’s that simple!

Where is your favorite place in the world to dine and why?

Oh, that’s a hard one but here in Los Angeles it’s Mr. Chows, Ivy By The Shore or Roscoe Chicken and Waffles.  I love Chef Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry in The Napa Valley.


If you were to inspire a family to use your recipes breakfast, lunch and dinner what would be the perfect day feast? Feel free to link recipes from your site.







How important is it for children to help out in the kitchen? Super important!

Both my kids cook and help me in the kitchen often.  It’s important that kids learn how to make a meal and more important clean up after themselves. Lol!


We believe you are bringing the fine art and enjoyment of entertaining at home. What are your top tips for people who are hosting people for the first time?

Always have great music playing as when they enter your home.  Next have wine, cocktails and appetizers ready, while you get the main meal ready. I always say if you have a well- stocked pantry then you’re always ready for guest.


What do you have in store for you and your site for 2020?

I’m turning it up! I have Season 2 launching this Friday 1/ 31/20 with a new production crew and really exciting recipes as well as a new updated website. I also have licensed my show to other digital networks and will be partnering with other quality brands that are in alignment with Ali in The Valley.  I’m super excited of the growth Ali in the Valley as brand has coming in 2020!  It’s time to make Ali in the Valley the urban go to lifestyle brand.