By: Colleen Parise

Day 11. All aboard the roller coaster ride of emotions. Please remain seated for the entire ride….I am now thinking my last post was premature. The lovely  previous heartwarming thoughts filled with rainbows and butterflies are now covered in bruises and sweat from the hot flashes.  I am currently rocking some lovely shades of blue on my stomach, and gone are the thoughts of balance and calmness. I have snapped more than a snapping turtle in the past few days and I am already an extremely sensitive person but I find myself crying for literally no reason one so ever. If this is even a small glimpse of what pregnancy would be like, I am considering myself and those around me slightly blessed 😉


I received a call today that my insurance company will NOT be covering the sperm cryopreservation and most likely not covering the embryo cryopreservation in July, so we are now financially responsible for $350 this Wednesday to freeze the sperm and $1,750 to freeze the embryos. I may or may not have told the woman today that I would bring my Pack It lunch cooler and throw those little ice age babies in my freezer for free until May. Clearly this is a mean cruel joke? Almost $2,000 to freeze our little Parisicles for less than a year? I knew this was going to be hard, but I am already feeling emotional over this whole situation and I was hoping that for once something would go easily. I am overwhelmed and just want to scream or cry, or maybe both. Probably both at the same time the way this roller coaster is going, keep your seat belts on 😉