Amazingly Easy Cloud Craft


We are always looking for crafts that are easy for all ages, so siblings of different age ranges can participate in creating a craft together. This amazingly easy cloud craft is not only great for kids to create, but everything you need can be found at the local Dollar Store. Not to mention, this cloud craft can act as a substitute for a night light, cutting down on your electricity bill and also creating something cool and a neat conversation piece for your child’s room.

Cloud Craft

The Cloud Craft is:

EASY to make

Inexpensive to Put together (all pieces can be purchased at the dollar store)

A craft for all ages

Unique craft

Saves electricity

Acts as a nightlight for kids

What You will Need:

A 2L cola bottle, cleaned and emptied with its cap.

A pack of lights from The Dollar Store (your choice in color… we chose blue). Make sure the lights are battery operated. Most use one or two AA batteries.

A pack of AA batteries

Two bags of cotton balls (Each bottle may use 1.5 bags of cotton balls so remember to buy per child).

Glue (a simple wet glue will do)



Strip your cola bottle of any advertisements. Open your cotton ball bag and have your child take the first cotton ball out, spreading it apart slightly. There does not have to be a uniform design! Have them take the first cotton ball and place a dab of blue onto the cola bottle.

Leave a small space for your battery pack. Glue your battery pack to the bottle ( make sure not to glue the side where the batteries will be removed from!) Use a little glue to cover the battery pack with cotton balls so it looks like it is a part of your cloud craft.

Place the cotton ball onto the glued spot of the cola bottle. Repeat this process around the entire cola bottle. Once the cola bottle is filled with cotton balls that have been slightly pulled apart, glue one cotton ball to the cap of your 2L bottle.

cloud craft

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Place the string of lights inside your bottle. Turn on to test out your lights! The light color you chose can really make the cloud shine bright.

You can mount the cloud on your child’s wall to create a sky effect. You can also make multiple clouds and place them around each other so it gives the effect of one giant cloud. Play around with different light options so you can choose what is best. Choose different water bottles or cola bottles for different sizing.

We chose to let our cloud craft be loose, so our child can carry it into different rooms. It also makes a great nightlight and if save on electricity, especially if your child has a nightlight on every night, all night long.

Enjoy your easy to make, inexpensive and fun cloud craft!

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