Welcome to the day shift which is part III & last to the series of An Average Day as Momma Braga. Hope everyone has enjoyed this series so far!

My husband’s day shift is Monday to Friday from 6:00 AM to 2:20 PM which means the day starts really early for him (4 AM).

Our average day starts a bit early on this shift at 7:00 AM as our daughter notices that dada is no longer home. So we are off to start our morning routine.

First task is to get my daughter all ready for the day and together we make the beds (of course she tries her very best). Then we are off to the kitchen to make breakfast. As breakfast is cooking, our daughter picks a movie to watch while we wait for our food. In the meantime, I am cleaning up and doing anything else that I can do before breakfast.

We then sit down to eat some breakfast and clean up once we are done. By this time, our daughter wants to play and either plays with her play kitchen or another toy that she finds interesting for the day. As many parents know that some children always have a “new” favourite toy each day 😉


We usually like doing any errands during the day before lunch to beat any kind of store rush and our daughter loves to go out. She actually asks me first thing in the morning, “Mama bye-bye?” In which I need to be careful how I respond at 7 AM. If I say yes then I hear bye-bye constantly until we leave. Now I only tell her that we are going out when we are about to go out.

After our errands, we have lunch together and once lunch is done we clean up. Of course there is new energy after lunch and playtime is a must. Sometimes we will play tea party or I let her play on her own as it is a great time for her to build her imagination. If she plays on her own, I am usually prepping dinner. By 3PM, our daughter is usually tired and takes her nap which may last up to two hours. During nap time, my husband usually arrives home and this makes our daughter extremely happy to see him when she wakes up.


Once she is up, I get her ready to help me in the kitchen for dinner. My daughter has really started expressing great interest in watching me make dinner which is great!

We eat dinner together and then we spend some family time together. With this shift we try to spend as much time as we can but it always seems that the time just flies by. As soon as we are done dinner, cleaning and just relaxing together, it is then bath time. This is usually around 8 PM – 8:30 PM and during that time my husband is getting his lunch ready for the next day.

What we have started to do recently during bath time is make it educational by using the foam letters and numbers to teach our daughter. It has been working great and she has been having a lot of fun learning it.

Once bath time is over, my husband is getting ready for bed. Our daughter notices that dada is going to bed and once she is ready in her pajamas, she wants to stay with dada and cuddle. So this part is very similar to how our daughter is on the midnight shift, she doesn’t want to sleep but wants to be with dada for a little before she can leave him.

After 30 minutes, our daughter is ready to leave dada and comes with me to her room to read some stories before going off to dream land. It does take her awhile to go off into “la la land” but on an average day that is about 11:30 PM. Of course the night time wouldn’t be complete with a couple of milk feedings before starting the day all over again.

This is just an average day as our days truly change depending on what we have planned to do. Our day is also dependant on how our daughter is doing for the day as we never know if we are going to have a happy or fussy toddler in our hands. It’s like what Forest Gump says, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.” This is exactly what an average day in our life can be.

That being said there are still many similar activities that are done each day to keep some normalcy for our daughter as the shift changes can be difficult for all of us. I find that at the beginning of the week of a new shift, it throws our daughter off and it takes a couple of days to get her settled.

Thank you to everyone for reading the series and I truly hope you have enjoyed this exclusive on The Baby Spot.

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Until next time….Happy Parenting!

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