Angela’s Glacier – Angela listens with her whole body. Firstly, this delightful book will have your children riveted over the beauty of the north, being in tune and connected to nature and the inevitable journey of growing up. Get ready to be a part of a book that will be in your child’s memory for their entire life.

The Story

New from Neal Porter Books! Author Jordan Scott also listens with his entire body. Inspired by Jodan;s friend Angela, we are thrown into the world of Angela and her glacier. Living in the north means northern lights, beautiful wildlife and nature that truly allows you to be a part of its grand spectrum. Illustrator Diana Sudyka spares no expense in giving beautiful visuals to your child on what the north truly looks like. Jordan Scott transforms your perception of family, friendship and the way we are connected with the world.

In Angela’s Galcier, e explore Iceland with Angela and her father. We see beautiful Arctic foxes galloping across the silver mosses. Angela grows up with nature around her and there is never a dull moment when you are outside exploring.

Angela has her own glacier, where she can listen tentatively for its sound. She learns the glacier’s name and how to truly listen to its vibration.

As Angela ages, life gets busy and she forgets to visit her wonderful glacier. When Dad makes a suggestion to help her out, Angela cannot resist but reconnect herself with the glacier she knew so well growing up.


Lastly, connecting with nature, being at peace with yourself and being connected to family are all major themes in this book. Your child will love the messaging and pictures and parents will enjoy the lessons their children will learn about nature, family, life and love. Angela’s Glacier is a joy for parents and children alike!

Extra Credit

Have your child draw a picture and tell a story about something that they connect with amongst nature. It could be a tree, a forest, the desert or something else! It will be interesting with what your child chooses.