Anne’s Alphabet

If you grew up as an avid admirer of the famous Lucky Maud Montgomery classic “Anne of Green Gables”, you can now spread the love to your little one with this fantastic book, Anne’s Alphabet. Author Kelly Hill brings a new generation of Green Gables fans while teaching your little one the alphabet.

Anne’s Alphabet

Published by Tundra Books, we were so impressed by the quality of this Alphabet book. Anne of Green Gables is not only a classic book for coming of age readers, but now our tiniest of readers can enjoy each letter inspired by the books.

anne's alphabet

Can we talk illustrations? We ADORED the hand embroidered illustrations. We tested the book out on our four month old and our little one cooed at the adorable Anne. Anything with the colour red seemed to get a positive reaction. Our older 6 year old who knows the alphabet was curious about the characters and loved the embroidery. We think we just got our six year old interested to read the Anne of Green Gables book!

Why You are Going To Love This Book

All things Green Gables are loved by generations of avid readers. Every parent wants to inspire a little reader so what better way to start than a letter book inspired by a timeless classic? Parents will enjoy seeing some of their favorite Green Gables characters like Gilbert and the beloved Diana. We enjoyed the creativity of the illustrations and the choice of words that go with each letter.

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Your baby will enjoy the illustrations and the rhythm of the description of each letter. Your toddler will be learning the alphabet and some of the smaller words. He or she will also be curious about the characters and probably want to learn more about the Green Gables series.

Older children will enjoy reading the book, the illustrations and will want to ask more about Anne of Green Gables.

This book may be traditionally geared to toddlers but the whole family is going to love it!

Reading With The Family

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What we love the most, is the way this book enthralls a new generation to enjoy reading. The quality of Anne’s Alphabet is what parents would like best. Their older children who are learning how to read will cuddle up with babies and toddlers who are just learning the alphabet. Parents will reminisce about Anne of Green Gables and everyone will enjoy the illustrations. This is not only a book, but a keepsake! We adore this book, that brings a family together for a special time to read and introducing a new generation of Anne of Green Gables lovers!