One of the biggest mistakes that parents, guardians and teachers make is that they underestimate the fact that children can have anxiety. Often overlooked and told,” not to worry about it”, children can suffer from anxiety ranging from mild to crippling. It’s time we not only acknowledge children’s anxiety but give them the tools and strategies to help children become happier and worry a lot less. Phobias, anxieties and more can be addressed and your child can help.

From separation anxiety to specific phobias, your child is suffering. Not only that but their school lives, social lives and family life can be affected. Bonnie Zucker, Psy.D. and author of Anxiety Free Kids – An Interactive Guide for Parents and Children is here to guide you, the parent or guardian to helping your child become happy and worry free. This book will teach you how to relieve your child’s excessive anxieties and phobias and foster interaction with success strategies for parents and kids.

We like this book for parents because it teaches them the schematics behind your child’s anxiety but the chapter that really stood out to us was Changing Your Thoughts. Depending on the anxiety disorder, you will find common thinking errors in your child’s thought process. Whether it is catastrophizing or personalization, you will learn more about your child. This chapter may also help you, the parent or guardian, if you have anxieties or phobias and it will really help you address the challenge head on.

We also love the exercise section in the back of the book which helps the parent or guardian catalogue these thoughts and keep on top of solving their child’s challenges. Your child will eventually change their inner voice, from being negative and condescending to positive and encouraging. Facing ones fears does not have to be the end of the world, but the beginning of a new one. Dr. Zucker helps parents and children connect with one another in ways they never thought possible with this detailed yet easy to understand book. This page turner will have many parents and guardians relieved that their children are going to school and interacting with others more confidently and most importantly, feeling good about themselves as they grow up.

Give your child the gift of relaxation, confidence and assurance by reading Anxiety Free Kids.