living right

Profound social change often blooms from personal acts of love

Is parenting the toughest job in the world? Many of our readers think so. When your child comes out to you as being gay, many parents have concerns. Some faith based parents may disagree with the lifestyle, while other parents worry that society will not treat their child with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Author Laila Ibrahim writes about Jen, a mother who is ‘Living Right.’ She finds that her son Josh, swallows a bottle of sleeping pills, she discovers that he has a same sex attraction. How could this happen to someone who played by all of the proverbial rules? She went to church, her life revolves around it. She prays, she worships and she is defending the law of traditional marriage. As a cure, they send Josh to a Christian Conversion Therapy camp and the family comes apart. Can Jen accept Josh?


Author Laila Ibrahim’s raw and honest approach will make parents of all family structures realize the terror and liberation that comes with a child coming out to the world. As a notable LGBTQ activist and lesbian, her book highlights what so many parents and teens alike go through and the challenges that they face.


Put this book at the top of your list to read. Ibrahim writes in such a way that you will want to complete the book in one sitting! Share it with your friends and family and lets let love and compassion triumph in families, always.