BABASTE- No Spills, No Stress, No Milk Mess!

Messes and spillage is a part of having a baby. Feeding time can sometimes be a stressful time for parents. It can also be stressful for babies. When they throw or accidently drop their bottles they are missing out on important feeding time and as a parent you have to stay and hold the bottle for the baby. Let BABASTE feed your precious baby and teach them important motor skills for development!

If you are a bust parent like me you know that our babies are important. We are always looking to help our children learn or grow and that starts in infancy. Holding a bottle can be a great skill for a little one to learn. It helps fine tune motor skills and it is also the first sign your baby shows of independence. To start teaching this important skill, a parent will sit and hold the bottle for their baby. However, if you are a busy parent or a parent to multiple children, time is so important. BABASTE allows your child to practice that important hand-eye coordination and gives the parent some hands free time.

When It’s Feeding Time… BABASTE


When it’s feeding time, BABASTE has a special design that parents loves. It automatically repositions the bottle to the original starting point whenever the baby has released the bottle. No spills, no mess and no stress for baby. Baby will learn how to place their hands on the bottle and eventually get control over their feeding time. Baby will not drop the bottle and not have interrupted feeding times.

Parents will then know how much milk their baby is consuming rather than a guessing game of what they took in verses what they have spilled or lost.

BABASTE grows with your child! It has an adjustable height, a radical pivot range, an amazing no spill design and arrives ready to use. Yes, that’s right, you don’t have to worry about a long set up! It is also available in pink, blue or grey.

If you are a parent of multiples or have more than one child, BABASTE is perfect for those busy families. If you are a work from home parent or living a busy life with a baby, BABASTE is a great help for you and your baby. It is also small enough that you can take it with you!


BABASTE -Great For Parents, Caregivers or Multiples!

As a busy Mom owning a business and having more than one child at home, time is so precious. Knowing that my child is going to get a full meal without trying to figure out how much of the bottle they consumed verses how much of the bottle spilled is a major worry of parents. We want only the best for our babies and now we can have it with BABASTE. No more spills, no more clean ups and most of all, more quality time between baby and parent is priceless.