Kat Armstrong has a handsome little boy. However, when it comes to finding cute accessories and clothes for little guy, lets just say, its not as easy as when you have a little girl. Kat decided should would fill a need for so many little guys out there and create her own business: Baby Bow Tie.

As featured on The Baby Spot Bests for March , Kat created Baby Bow Tie so parents of little boys can have adorable, fashionable little accessories for special occasions or just to jazz up their little guy’s wardrobe at home.  The bow ties have a magnetic clip, which makes putting it on very easy. The styles are endless with these bow ties. Looking for something simple? Baby Bow Tie has it.  How about something unique or patterned? Baby Bow Tie has something for you too!

Kat’s creativity and great eye for style caught the eyes of Neiman Marcus, who is now carrying her bow ties! This Mompreneur’s hard work is really paying off!

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So how did Kat go from running her own successful business and being picked up by Neiman Marcus? She  offers some great advice for future Mompreneurs who want to keep on top:

1. Involve your spouse. You simply can’t do it well without an amazing support system. I married way up, so my husband is consistently asking how he can help and I take him up on his offer every single time. Sometimes his help looks like washing bottles and sometimes it means doing some research on lowering our business costs. There is nothing sexier than a husband washing dishes while on hold with the postal service. One word of caution- both success and failure can be isolating. Don’t work so hard on your business that you neglect your family, you want your family relationships to stand the test of your successes or failures.
2. Phone a friend. Make a list of the areas of your needs for the business. Maybe that includes Trademark, Patent, Web Design, Photography, etc. And then brainstorm a huge list of anyone you know that could help you in that area of need. And then phone a friend. When you call for a tip, advise, a discount or a trade be really specific and honor their time. Don’t call an IP attorny and ask “what do you think?”, instead ask them if they would read over a document in exchange for something specific and explain how many pages the document is and the exact feedback you are looking for. And make sure to invest in thank you notes and write a thank you note for everyone and everything!
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3. Give yourself Grace. If you’re going to hustle your way to success building a business and loving your family well, you’ve got lots of drive 😉 Driven, successful people are very hard on themselves and struggle to give themselves grace. Grace is getting what you don’t deserve and if you’re used to earning everything you’ve got grace can seem unfair. But you are going to need lots more grace with yourself while building your business. You’re going to make mistakes. Big ones. But if you learn to give yourself grace you can shake off those mistakes and move forward.
4. Find a way to buy wine, I like to call it Mommy Juice, at a discount and in bulk. Cheers.
We wish Kat all the best with Baby Bow Tie and look forward to all of her success in the future!
Check out www.babybowtie.com or pre-order her Bow Ties at Neiman Marcus!