A Boy Names

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You know you want to name your baby a name that starts with the letter A, but you just don’t know what A boy names are on the short list for the perfect baby name.  From modern names to exotic boy names you will have a lot to choose from! We have baby names that start with the letter A that are guaranteed to inspire you!

Choosing A Baby Name

Remember to follow these steps when choosing a baby name! This will help you narrow it down so you have no regrets.

Write A Short List

If you have a partner, have both of you write down your top ten A baby names. Are there any names that you both loved? Those ones immediately make the shortlist.

Once you have spent a few days getting your top ten, each of you can veto two names or if you are solo, you must veto two names. If a name does not bring a lot of joy, you should not name your child this name.

Lastly, once you have a shortlist, make sure to wear each name for a few days. Sleep on it! You do not have to come up with the decision in a day or a week.

Look At The Meanings Of Each Name

When you have chosen a few baby names that you like, make sure to look up the meanings and origins of each name. If the name has a beautiful meaning, it may mean it is the perfect name for your little boy.

Look for meanings of names that have meanings for you and your family. If you love nature, a nature based meaning would be a perfect choice. Similarly, if you have a name that is from your heritage or culture, this also is a great choice.

Choose A Name That Honors Someone Close To You

If there are some “A” named individual that is close to you and your partner. Consider naming your son after them. Family members who have made a positive impact are a great choice. Secondly, a great choice is godparents, grandparents or great grandparents. Choosing the right person can build bonds in family and honor your family member. Similarly, if you want to choose a close family friend that is a great idea also. Make sure that you have known them for a long time so that they can remain in your child’s life!

These are just a few of the ideas to help you decide on a baby name!

A Boy Names

boy names that start with a

Here are some of the top A boy names that you will love. We have also included their meanings and origins.

Alexander- A Greek origin meaning “defender of people.”

Adam-A biblical name referring to the first man on Earth. This name is Hebrew for “son of the red Earth.”

Aaron- This Greek based name means “strong.”

Aiden – This Gaelic name means fire.

Abraham- This Biblical name means “Exhaulted father” in Hebrew.

Alex- A name that is a short form or a stand along name. It is Greek for “defender of the people and derives from Alexander.

Andrew – This Greek name means “manly” or “strong man”.

Anthony- This Italian name means “praise worthy.”

Abdul- This Arabic name means servant.

Abu- This Muslim name means “the father of”.

Ali- This Arabic name means “evlevated.”

Alejandro- This Spanish name means “warrior.”

Abdu- This Arabic name means “servant of the giver.”

Arthur-This Celtic name means “bear.”

Adagio- Italian name meaning “slowly”.

Adaiah- A Hebrew name meaning “a witness of God.”

Adalius- This German name means noble.

Adalmund- Meaning “protection”, this name has an English meaning.

Adda- This Hebrew name means adornment.

Addar- Meaning “one who is mighty”, this name is Hebrew.

Ademir- This Bosnian name means someone who is a “noble protector.”

Unique Spelling A Boy Names

rare baby names that start with a

There are so many neat ways to spell more traditional names. Here are some unique spelling A boy names that resemble their traditionally spelled counter parts.







Old A Boy Names

We are always looking for traditional, older names that your family will love. Here are some old a boy names that ou can get behind.

Abacus- Greek word for the famous counting tool mathmeticians would use.

Abbott- Old French for “priest” but popularly used in England and Scotland.

Atticus- Latin for “one belonging to Athens.” In reference to people who were from Greece.

Absalom- Hebrew for “a father in peace.”

Adage- English for something that is an old piece of knowledge that is widely accepted as truth for the time.

Astor- This name is used in both French and German as a “man who is also a hawk.”

Abe English for the “father of many.”

Abhraham- Biblical name meaning the father of many nations.

Ascot- English for dweller of the east cottage.

Artie- A short form of Arthur or a stand alone name. Celtic for meaning bear.

Art- A celtic name meaning bear.

Accacius- Greek origin meaning “not an evil one.”

Abel- Biblical boys name. One of the son’s of Adam and Eve. This Hebrew name means breath.

Alphonse- Meaning “one who is ready for battle.” This name has a German origin.

Alfred- Old English for elf.

Arnold- A German name meaning eagle.

Archibald- A German name meaning one who is distinguished or bold.

Archie- A nickname for Archibald but can now stand on its own. Meaning distinguished or bold. This name derives from German.

Exotic Boy Names That Start with A

We love boy names from all over the world! Here are some exotic boy names that start with the letter A with their origins and meanings.


Hindu name for someone who is peaceful.


Arabic for “one who is the entire universe.”


A Norse name for ancestors.


This name has an Indian origin. It means an intelligent person.


Named after the area in Scotland. Scottish origin meaning “the mouth of the river Don.”


Finnish for wave.


This Chinese name means one who is “peacefully soaring.”


This name has a lot of origins. Dutch, German and English origins tell us this name means one who is the “father of multitude.”


Aarin is a Hebrew name means a mountain of strength.


This Indian name means one who is intelligent.


This Indian name also means intelligent.


Meaning a mountain of strength, this name is Hebrew.


This name means the king of wisdom.


This name means a mountain of strength. It comes from a Hebrew origin.


Meaning rock, this has a Celtic origin.


This Indian name means something of the soul.


Sanskrit for the morning sun.


A Finnish name for an idea.


This Hebrew name means destruction.


An African origin that means “with family.”


Arabi name for lion.


An Arabic name for servant of God.


Hebrew for the servant of the giver.


Arabic for “servant of the giver.”


African origin name which means “what was asked for.”


Ghanese name that means “one who was born on a Wednesday.


A German name that means “one who is born with strength.”


German name for noble strength.


Hebrew origin name for God is my father.


Hebrew name meaning God’s worshipper.


Hebrew name meaning God is the Lord.


A Hebrew name meaning God is my father.


Another Hebrew name that means God is my Father.


This Hebrew name means “grass.”


A Hebrew name meaning Father is sent from God.


This Hebrew name means a gift from God.


A father of light.


An Arabic name meaning faithful.


An amulet.


A Hebrew name meaning the father of peace.


American name meaning “someone who is an expert.”


An old English name meaning field.


Trendy Boy Names That Start With A

We love a new and trendy name. It makes your child’s boy name unique and easy for others to remember.  Here are some newer boy names that start with Athat are on trend.

















Unique Boy Names that Start With A

Finding a unique boy name that starts with A makes your little boy stand out! His rare boy name will be something that people remember and it is truly one of a kind. Here are unique boy names that start with A. Each name will also include the meanings and origins to help you with your search.


A boy names

From modern boy names to unique boy names that start with A, we gave you a wide variety of names that are guaranteed to inspire you. Be sure to write down your favorite names and wear them for a while before you commit to a name.