Baby Cries When Dad Holds Her

Baby Cries When Dad Holds Her – When a new baby arrives, the entire family is excited to get to know and bond with the baby. For many families they realize that their baby has the people that they are comfortable with and the people that they are not. Everyone wants the new baby to like them but the baby lets people know when they are not happy. Let’s discover why baby cries when Dad holds them and some great tricks to promote father baby bonding.

Why Do Babies Cry When They See Dad?

Dads are getting a bad wrap! Some babies do cry when they see Dad. Others cry when they see Mom or other family members. Babies are looking for one thing, to be comfortable. If baby spends the majority of time with Mom feeding, changing diapers and cuddling, they will get used to Mom’s way of comfort. Babies cry when they see Dad because they want that same comfort that they get from someone else. How can Dad or other family members help baby stop crying when they see them?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Does the parent who baby cries with spend a lot of time meeting the immediate needs of baby?

Is the parent comfortable holding the baby?

Is it near babies nap time or feeding time?

Does parent holding baby provide a comfortable space for baby

Does the parent holding the crying baby talk to baby?

How do I get my baby to stop crying with his Dad?

Father baby bonding is so important for both Dad, the baby and the entire family.  Dad and baby bonds are special and if baby keeps crying in front of Dad, then it is time to try to help that relationship grow. Here are some great ways to get baby to stop crying with Dad or any loved ones who will play a regular part in your babies life.

Dad Becomes A Part of The Routine

When Dad becomes a part of the routine, baby can become more relaxed with Dad! Babies thrive on routine. Waking up and getting their diaper changed, eating at certain times and going to bed at the same time help babies get used to the new world around them and help them find their place. When Dad is involved in the day to day routine, baby starts incorporating him in a part of their life.

Some fathers work full time and unfortunately cannot be there for the wake ups or the breakfasts. When Dad is home, no matter what time day or night, try to make sure to change a diaper, sing a song, play a game or do a feeding. When Dad is allowed to be in the routine, being in charge of his time with the baby, babies quickly change their disdain to expecting to see their loving father.

If Dad has a busy and long work schedule, try to schedule Facetime whenever possible.

Babies will then get used to the way Dad smells, talks and holds them. It becomes familiar and eventually a part of their everyday lifestyle.

Let Dad Solve Challenges His Way

No one wants to hear their baby in distress. We do not want a baby to cry, fuss or scream because they are uncomfortable with the person caring for them. For many mothers that means giving Dad constant advice and getting him to mimic the way they parent and care for their child. We ask mothers to assess the situation. Is the baby in danger or is this a safety issue? If you believe the baby is in a dangerous situation or an unsafe situation, step in immediately. However, if Dad is doing something with the baby a different way than Mother does and the baby is not in danger or in an unsafe space, let Dad handle the situation.

Everyone parents differently. Be sure that you are letting Dad figure it out how to bond with their baby. It can be very stressful when both Mom is instructing and involving herself and baby is screaming at the same time. Give Dad the space and time to find his rhythm with his bond with the baby. You will be surprised how beautiful the natural bond of a father and child can be.

Do Age Appropriate Activities With Just The Two of You

Whether you have a newborn baby or a six month old, there are activities that you and your baby can do! From singing to your infant to playing “Patty Cake” with them, spending time with your baby is important. When Dad spends time with baby, even when they are crying, they may begin to enjoy the songs and games. A baby starts to get used to a regular routine, they begin to stop crying and accept Dad or loved ones.

Be Sure Dad is Meeting Babies Needs

A babies needs are simple and so important. Babies need food, shelter, comfort and love. They usually need to eat, be changed/ bathed or cuddled. They may need that important person to help them fall asleep. Does Dad regularly participate in those needs? If not, this is a perfect way to expand this babies bond with their loved one.  From taking over some of the diaper duty to being there to cuddle, split the needs of the baby between both parents when possible. That way, the baby knows that Dad is also meeting their immediate needs.

This means assessing when baby cries. Is it nap time? Could feeding time be soon? Is baby in a comfortable position? Does baby need a diaper change? Are they in a safe and warm environment? Is the environment somewhere they are in regularly or somewhere new? Sometimes, this is why baby is always crying.

Make sure to give Dad time to find his groove with their child. You will notice that over time baby will get used to the way Dad does things as well and how Dad meets their needs.

When Holding Baby, Wrap a shirt or sweater of Moms around Them Safely

Babies are incredible. As their sight adjusts, they rely on touch and smell as a major factor of survival or bonding. Since baby is open to Mom but still struggling with Dad at the moment, Dad can ease baby by taking a shirt that will have Moms scent on it and hold them. Baby knows by the smell that they are safe, but still get used to their Dad holding them. Over time, the shirt will no longer be needed and Dad’s scent will be incorporated into the babies memory of a safe space.

Take Babies Onesies and Let Them Be With Dad

Babies rely on scent and many people overlook this. Babies use scent to identify, feel their level of safety and learn. By letting Dad hold the babies onesies and then letting baby wear the onesie for the day, baby begins to learn that Dad’s scent is in babies space. This scent is a regular part of babies routine and life. This will help the transition of baby becoming more comfortable with Dad.

This means baby wearing a Dad scented onesie when they are with Mom.

Keep Your Facial Hair Consistent

This one seems like a funny one but many babies are scared when Dad changes his face. If Dad will a beard suddenly is clean shaven, it can scare a baby into not coming close to their father. If this is the case with your baby, give it a few days and they will get used to your new look soon!

Baby Cries When Dad Holds Her- How To Stop Crying And Accept Dad For Good

Baby Cries When Dad Holds Her. – A baby cries when Dad holds her or him and it can be very painful for the father to feel like he is not accepted by his own child. However, this is a temporary situation and a fixable one. By promoting father/baby bonding and following these top tips, Dad will be on the fast track to a lifetime bond with their little one. Your baby loves you and you will be their rock from the time they are born, through out your entire life.