When you are pregnant and you hear your baby’s heart beat for the first time, it means everything. It shows you that this little life that you or your partner is carrying is flourishing, is growing and eventually will be joining you. Often times, parents may experience an overwhelming sense of emotion when hearing their little one’s heartbeat. Throughout pregnancy, you can hear your child’s heart beat on and off depending on your appointments and what the doctor will be looking for. In some countries, parents hear their child’s heart beat minimally. How can parents hear that heartbeat and bond with baby?

For partners, their pregnant spouse gets to bond with baby because they are in their womb. Partners of those who are pregnant bond with baby through the kicks their baby might make, the sound of their heart beat, or helping their pregnant partner through pregnancy milestones and challenges. This is why Baby Doppler by Sonoline B is so important for both partners. It helps parents bond with baby and begin that lifelong love story with their baby.

The reviews of Baby Doppler are flawless. Families from all over are raving about this amazing product. But let’s dive in to how it works. Doppler gives parents a peace of mind and comfort. After the 12 week of pregnancy, it is suitable to use the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler for best results. Along with your headphones socket and built in loud speaker, the Sonoline Handheld Pocket Fetal Doppler also has a water resistant 3MHz probe so you can get a better sound of that precious fetal heartbeat!

Don’t get nervous, this product is so easy to use! We decided to put it to the test! The ultrasonic Fetal Doppler is used in hospitals, doctor’s offices and in the comfort of your own home. This put us at ease. Professionals use it, but it is simple enough for any parent to use!

The Sonoline B is compact so it does not take up a lot of space. It is battery powered and is used for detecting your little one’s precious heartbeat. It also has a built in speaker, heart rate in Beats per Minute which is also referred to as BPM and has an LCD Screen. The LCD Screen shows the batteries status (got to make sure your Baby Doppler is all charged to listen to your babies heart beat!), the current working mode and the probe type in use.

Using The Baby Doppler was such a breeze! The user manual was great but it was not just how easy the machine was to use, but the bonding experience.

We think the Baby Doppler is perfect for Mom to bond with her baby but also her partner. Partners of the mother do not get the amazing experience of carrying a baby and sometimes it is hard for Mom to describe what it is like carrying another life and to explain the movement, the feeling, the curiosity and joy of being pregnant. The Baby Doppler can help the partner of the pregnant mom to be explain the amazing feeling of having a baby. Dad or partner can now hear their baby’s heartbeat. They can enjoy knowing that their baby is healthy, happy and active in their partner’s womb. We have noticed that this Baby Doppler helps partners of pregnant Moms to be more a part of the pregnancy and have their own bond with the baby. A Baby Doppler is not only a gift for Mom, but for the partner and rest of the family as well!

Baby Doppler is not only an exceptional product that is small enough to have at home but gives a Mom a piece of mind. It creates excitement, joy and a bonding experience for the whole family which is absolutely priceless! This fetal Doppler has our complete recommendation and we urge it to be the perfect baby shower gift or just because gift for yourself.

Baby Doppler does not only give us a piece of mind, but creates memories and bonding experiences for the whole entire family!