Baby Eyelashes

When you have a young baby, many people marvel at how long baby eyelashes are! For other babies, they have not even grown in. When do baby eyelashes grow in and why are they always so perfect? We share everything there is to know about baby eyelashes.

When Do Baby Eyelashes Come In?

Like baby eyebrows, baby eyelashes grow while the baby is in utero. So while you are pregnant, your baby is growing both eyelashes and eyebrows. At about 5 months or 20 weeks old, your little baby is already growing their beautiful long eyelashes! Many babies are born with their eyelashes and for some babies, they are born with eyelashes that we could only dream about having! Black, long and doe like eyelashes are common for babies.

Alternatively, your baby may be born with no eyelashes at all! There are many reasons why a baby is not born with eyelashes.

Why Does My Baby Not Have Eyelashes?

Some babies are not born with their eyelashes fully grown in. Is this a concern? Not at all, experts say. Many babies are born without eyelashes and they come in shortly after. There are many reasons why babies are not born with eyelashes. Here are a few of those reasons.

The baby has blonde eyelashes

Your baby may have eyelashes, they are just really blonde and hard to see. Your newborn has eyelashes that to many people, look almost see through. This can confuse parents, especially if your child has a dark head of hair. Nothing to worry about. Most of the time, a newborn’s eyelashes will come in darker as time goes on.

They Will Come In… Later

It is surprising that at twenty weeks in utero, most babies began developing their eyelashes and you find that your newborn does not have any. They are growing, just really slowly. It may take weeks or a few months for your newborn’s eyelashes to come in.

Your Baby Is a Premie

Did your baby surprise you and come early? If you are the parent to a preemie child, you can rest assure that their eyelashes will grow in, later. With preemies, especially micro preemies, the baby is born so early that the body did not have time to finish growing in utero. Therefore, the baby will finish their growing during their first few months.

A great tip about preemies is not to judge their milestones based on their age, but the age they would have been if they were born on their birth date. For example, if your child is born two months early and is now two months old and does not have their eyelashes in, you can rest assured that your child can have a few more weeks before their eyelashes can grow in. There body is playing catch up with their surprise early birth, so everything will fall into place eventually.

I Am Worried About My Newborn Not Having Eyelashes

If it has been a couple of months or you feel a great concern, feel free to talk to your doctor or pediatrician. They will have some expert advice to put you at ease or to investigate further why your babies eyelashes come in.

Newborn Eyelashes

By the second month, most babies eyelashes come in and a lot of times they are long. So long in fact, people are surprised how long and full a babies eyelashes can look!

baby eyelashes

Why Are Baby Eyelashes so Long?

Some newborns are born with long, beautiful dark lashes that surprise parents. How can this tiny person have such long eyelashes? For some babies, they grow up with it. If you are curious as to why, look no further than genetics! Does one or both of the babies parents have long eyelashes? Does the trait for dark, long lashes run in either family? Another reason could be the baby will grow into their eyelashes. The eyelashes in the game of growth just got a nice head start and the rest of babies body is just playing a game of catch up.

Hair growth will come with milk and eventually a nutritious diet.

Do Not Cut or Style Your Babies Eyelashes

In a world of filters and the urge to be perfect, some parents may have the desire to curl babies long eyelashes. This is not a good idea at all! Baby is perfect the way they are and should not be subjected to a parents perception of beauty.

Why Baby Eyelashes Are Important

Eyelashes are designed to catch tiny particles from going into the eye. If a particle gets into the eye, it can irritate it and will be flushed out. However, sometimes a particle gets into the eye and scratches it. Eyelashes stop particles and keep them away from our eyeball. We can then feel the particle and wipe the particle away from our face. When we try to style or cut eyelashes, we are stopping the eyelashes from doing their job, to catch foreign particles that can harm the eye.

Your baby does not have the ability to wipe away particles from their face. If your baby does have eyelashes, they will be able to catch the particle and you can help by wiping the particle away from their face with a damp soft baby cloth.

Alternatively, if your babies eyelashes have not grown in yet, it is up to you to wipe their face with a damp baby cloth and make sure particles stay away from the eye.

Will My Babies Eyelashes Stop Growing?

Whether your infant has long dark eyelashes or hardly any eyelashes at all, parents can be curious about the potential growth of babies eyelashes. Eyelashes stop growing because of an eyelashes growth cycle. As you can see, every eyelash (Whether a babies or an adults) eyelash is different and sheds at its own time. It goes through a cycle. When an eyelash falls out, another one is ready to take its place.

In the first stage of eyelash growth, the eyelash begins to grow to its full capacity.

In the second stage of eyelash growth, the eyelash begins its transition.

The resting phase is stage three of eyelash growth.

The eyelash begins to shed in the fourth stage of eyelash growth.

Lastly, the eyelash begins to grow again and enters its growth stage.

when do baby eyelashes come in



What Is Madarosis

Madoarosis is the loss of eyelashes or eyebrows. It is uncommon. It can be a dermatological disorder or a symptom of other diseases. The loss or eyelash hair or eyebrow hair is either temporary or permanent depending on your diagnosis. If you suspect your child has madorosis, talk to your doctor immediately so your child can be diagnosed and begin a care plan.

My Baby Pulls On Their Eyelashes

Ouch! You’ve noticed that your baby tugs, holds or even pulls on their eyelashes. Why would they do something like that? Some babies pull their eyelashes to self soothe. This is similar to babies who pull on their hair or suck their thumb. Babies may be experiencing the pains of teething. Firstly, check to see if any teeth have ruptured from the gums. If so, your baby is experiencing teething pain.

If you cannot see any baby teeth just yet, that does not mean that the teething process has not started. The teeth begin to slowly break the gums which could cause your baby discomfort and even pain. To soothe the pain, they are not able to communicate other than to cry, so they tug on their hair, eyelashes or suck their thumb. If you see your baby pulling on their eyelashes, try to relieve your child’s gums with teething tips.

Baby Eyelash is Growing Towards Their Eye

Sometimes, an eyelash grows towards the eye, poking it and even in some cases, infecting it. To stop this from happening, use a soft, damp baby cloth and gently wash around the eyelash. the eyelash will dislodge and a new one will come, growing properly.

Infant Eyelashes

Your babies eyelashes can be long, dark and beautiful when they are born. Alternatively, they can be just as adorable with no eyelashes at all. For most babies, their eyelashes are in when they are born. For others, their eyelashes come in within weeks or the first few months of your child’s life. Your child is beautiful with their eyelashes, no matter what the color or length. If you are concerned about the possibility of madarosis, speak to your doctor for more information. Your beautiful baby looks good with our without eyelashes!

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