Baby Fashions: How to Ready your Little One for the Holidays

By: Lizzie Weakley


The holiday season is upon on us, and with it comes holiday cheer as well as an extra dose of stress. If you’re also a parent, you have the added stress of keeping a little one happy through hectic timelines and interrupted schedules. When it comes to fashion, here are the tips that will make the holiday season flow smoothly.

Keep it Trendy and Comfortable

Whereas adults will put up with a little suffering for fashion, kids have no tolerance for being uncomfortable so choose pieces that check off both boxes. The current street style trends showcase lightweight booties, leggings and jumpers, all of which allow for comfort without losing style. For holiday appropriate outfits, shop Sugar Babies or other boutique stores that offer special occasion outfits that are also designed with coziness in mind. A comfortable baby is a happy baby.

Color Matters

The colors you choose for your little one’s outfit may make or break your holiday festivities. Colors have shown to have psychological effects on our moods, so being selective with ensemble color can potentially prevent a mid-appetizer meltdown at the dinner table.

Red is the most popular holiday color and can also increase energy levels. Choose a red dress or sweater and leggings combination for particularly long days in order to keep your little one awake through dessert.

On the other hand, if your toddler’s naptime will be interrupted, then red might actually increase their irritation levels. If the latter situation is more likely, choose a calming color like green, which coincidently will also match the holiday color scheme.

Be Prepared & Know the Tricks

Without a doubt, messes will occur during your holiday festivities, no matter how many steps you take to prevent them. If you’re going out of town, always have two – yes, two—back up outfits for each event, per child.

Knowing quick tricks for removing stains using common household products can be a lifesaver. If it’s a water based stain, reach for some hand soap and simply rub it into the fabric, then rinse with water. Grease-based stains can be removed in a similar manner, but swap the hand soap for dish detergent.

From trends to stains, you’re now officially ready to take on all the holiday events with the baby in tow. Use these tips and tricks to keep your little one looking great and feeling happy. Remember: you can’t control everything, so if all else fails, take a deep breath and laugh it off.