A new fun way to announce the gender of your baby is to hold a Baby Gender Reveal Party! Since so many family and friends want to know the gender of your new bundle of joy, why not throw a bash to celebrate this big day? There are many cute ways to let your guests know that you are having a boy or girl!

1. Gender Reveal Cake/Cupcake/Cakepop- Many parents hire a baker or more DIY parents bake a cake with blue and pink icing or fondant. The inside of the cake is dyed pink or blue. Parents gather everyone together to cut the cake. As the cake is distributed, each guest learns the gender of the baby while looking at their cake!


2. Balloons! Other parents blow up helium balloons in the color of the gender of the baby. They place the balloons in a decorated trunk or box. After all the guests have gathered, the parents to be open the trunk or box. All of the helium balloons float to the top of the ceiling, guests are thrilled to know the gender of the baby.


3. Gender Reveal Photo-shoot- A few days or weeks before the party, the parents have a photo shoot revealing cute little pink or blue shoes, balloons or any other object symbolizing the gender of the baby. The parents to be entertain guests with a slide show , showing the gender revealing pictures.

4.Baby Scratch Tickets- It’s like a baby lottery, but everyone is the winner! Guests scratch tickets revealing if the new baby is a boy or a girl. After each guest has scratched, everyone can celebrate with food, cake and music!

5. (only for siblings) Have your other child or children Announce the gender of their new brother or sister! Get them to wear a shirt saying “It’s A…” or have them throw confetti in the color of the gender of the baby!