Top 10 Baby Girl Names of 2022

It’s official! The top 10 baby girl names of 2022 are in and we can see what are the top ten baby girl names of the year. These are chosen based on statistics of each and every person who registers their child’s name with the government. Can you imagine out of the thousands of names available, these are the top girl names? We see some changes from the top baby girl names of 2021. So many of the names have shifted from last year.

Who will be the top name of the year? Are there any new names that make the cut? Each top girl name includes meaning and origin.

10. Harper

Harper keeps hanging on! Again in the number ten spot, the name Harper holds on as being one of the top ten most popular girl’s names of 2022. Considered a gender fluid name, Harper is popular with everyone. Meaning “harp player”, this name gained more popularity from the famous book, “To Kill A Mockingbird” character that bore the same name. This name comes from England, Scotland and Ireland. It was originally known as a surname but we see it as a first name more and more! Will Harper be able to hang onto its spot in the top ten for another year?

9. Evelyn

The name Evelyn remains in its spot for another year at number nine of the top ten baby girl names of 2022. Evelyn was originally a French surname that graduated to a first name over the years. Evelyn is said to have derived from Ava, or Avaline. This name means “alive.” Now we see it standing on its own and in a top spot again for girl’s names.

8. Mia

For another year, Mia holds onto its top spot at number eight of the ten most popular girl names. Meaning “to live,” It is said that Mia has a Germanic origin. Mia has found itself steadily climbing over the last twenty years. its maintained itself in the top ten. Will we see it climb closer to the top next year?


This Spanish and Italian name is at number seven again in the top ten girls. Meaning “God is my oath”, Isabella has been a popular name for hundreds of years! Considered a royal name, it is a fan favorite for families across the globe this year. Will Isabella maintain its top ten spot or will it climb even closer to the top next year?


The name Sophia has slipped from number five to number six on our top ten girl’s names for 2022. The beautiful name Sophia is Greek in origin and means “divine wisdom.” It is very wise of parents to love this name over the centuries. Sophia continues to be a fan favorite of families across the world.


The name Ava slips from number three to number five of the top ten girl’s names of 2022. This popular girl’s name has secured itself for years, but we predict it continuing to take a backseat to new names coming into the top five. Ava is Germanic name meaning “lively.” Many people consider Ava a new and trendy name. However, the truth is it has been around since the Medieval Times! This name has longevity.


The name Amelia continues to climb into the top girl’s names list. Last year, Amelia was at number five and only a few years ago it was sitting comfortably at number eight. Amelia is clearly a favorite name with families. This strong girl’s name means one who is “industrious.” Amelia is found to be of both English and Germanic origin. Will we see Amelia in the top three list next year?


The name Charlotte climbs from number four last year to the number three spot in the top girl names list. This beautiful name has a French origin and is the female version of Charles. Meaning “petite”, Charlotte continues to be a favorite name of families through out the entire world. Will Charlotte sit in the top spot next year? If you are looking for some great middle names for Charlotte, check out our 116 top middle names for Charlotte.

2. Emma

The name Emma continues its place as the number two top girl’s names of 2022. Meaning “whole and universal”, this name has a Germanic origin. Ironically, this name is coveted across the world as a favorite girl name. Will Emma maintain its number two spot next year or do you think it will want to reclaim its top spot?

1. Olivia

The most popular girl’s name of 2022 is Olivia! Olivia has been able to keep its spot as the most popular girl’s name of 2022. Meaning an “olive tree”, Olivia has an English origin. Though this name is centuries old, it has become popular once more with families. It seems that names come and go, but the traditional ones have been maintaining the top ten spot again this year!

Top Girl Names of 2022

The top girl names of 2022 are many of the same that we see last year. We wonder if Olivia will remain a top girl name or will the name Emma come back and retake its title of most popular girl name? Similarly, will Harper be able to keep its spot in the top ten or will we see a brand new name take its place?

Popular Girl Names 2022

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