Do you worry about your little ones getting the right nutrition? It can be so difficult to convince a child to eat certain foods because it is “good for you.” How do you reason with a one year old? Baby Gourmet understands how hard it can be and has created Shakers, a nutritional supplement for your children ages one and up!

You no longer have to hear your younger child’s frustration that they cannot eat the same foods as their older siblings. Shakers are for every child! These organic drinks are delicious, coming in both chocolate and vanilla flavors (we can be chocoholics but we loved tasting the vanilla!)

Now parents can feel good about giving their kids (even the picky eaters) delicious nutrition that they will actually love!

These drinks are also gluten free and promise your child the goodness they need to grow.

But what is the delicious flavor that we are so happy to see in these drinks? Pumpkin of course! Pumpkin is so underrated and we are pleased to see this in these nutritious drinks.

The Vanilla flavor has 24 vitamins and minerals and the chocolate has 25 vitamins and minerals for your children to love. Both drinks are also 80% whole milk!

The bottles themselves are easy for a little one to grasp and drink from. Just put the cap on and seal if your child does not finish and refrigerate! You can drink these delicious supplements in the next 24 hours!

Find your local store here to see where you can buy Baby Gourmet Shakers. These drinks are great when your little one is out in the park, going on a trip or just being at home with you. We highly recommend these nutritious and delicious shakers!