Some tired parents wonder, is there a way to skip over the puree stage for your baby? Baby is really interested in real foods but is still drinking breast milk or formula. Many parents do not want to buy store bought purees and unfortunately because most homes are two parents working or one parent staying home caring for children and a home, it is hard to keep up with making natural purees. How can parents give their children the nutrition they crave and begin baby led weaning without compromising your little ones safety? The Parent’s Guide To Baby-Led Weaning from Robert Rose has the answer.

Jennifer House, MSc, Rd has been a registered dietician for over 14 years and has various in person and online programs that help all of her clients live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. As the author of this book, Jennifer is also co-chair of Calgary Breastfeeding Matters Group. She also is a Mom of 3 and has a successful baby led weaning e-course.

When you are the parent or guardian of multiple children, your little one wants to mimic their older siblings. This means your younger ones are often brave, wanting to eat solid foods along with their siblings. Parents can become frustrated as little babies want to grow up so fast and many parents believe that their keen baby is not ready to try solid foods and join their brother or sister.

Let’s face it, parents are hesitant. In The Parent’s Guide to Baby Led Weaning, they no longer have to be. Jennifer makes sure to address all of a parent’s concerns and also provides 125 nutritious and delicious recipes that will be enjoyed by both your baby and your entire family! Now baby does not feel so left out when he or she is dining with the loved ones!

Why baby led weaning? A baby’s motor development skills develop at an early age which can lead to both healthier eating habits and healthy body weights.

Find out what baby weaning is and why parents are taking an interest in baby- led weaning.

Our favorite part of this book other than the delicious whole family friendly recipes was the section on getting enough calories and fat. Thanks to dieting and health fallacies in the media, many parents shutter when they hear the world calories. Calories are important and it is important that your little one has enough iron and calories from food starting at about 6 months. At this time, baby begins to supplement his or her breast milk intake. This book teaches you how to supplement breast milk, mix finger foods and purees. Your baby will be spoiled by this book and in our humble opinion, will be thankful you read it, especially this section!


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The Parents’ Guide to Baby-Led Weaning: With 125 Recipes

We also love that there is a “frequently asked question” section where common questions are answered. Great advice is given to the parents who want to start baby weaning early. Jennifer House gives a lot of sound advice and explains things easily to the reader. You will not be lost in a sea of medical terminology and jargon.

After trying some of the 125 recipes in this book, our family adored the Blackberry Peach Cobbler. It really is nature’s candy! What a delicious treat.

Our family also loves butternut squash and the Butternut Squash, Spinach and Feta Fritta was also a huge hit.

Don’t be afraid to let your sweet baby explore their food. It may be messy but they’re gaining skills from the experience you are providing! Baby wants to be spoiled by iron-rich foods and calorie rich foods!

Be confident! The people against baby led weaning have their opinion. Research the pros and cons. If you decide you’re pro baby led weaning then research your choice even more and be confident in your decision. What you decide is best for your family.

How did this book stand out from the rest? This book discusses the how to’s rather than the theoretical reasons for Baby-led Weaning. Parent’s need to know the plan instead of the theories. We need answers and we need to hear it from someone who has been through it. Jennifer House is not only qualified but has Baby Led Weaned her children. She is not only an authority on the topic, but someone who has done it.

These dishes are not only inspiring for baby but also for parents and your other children too. If you have toddlers to teens, they will love these delicious and easy to make meals. Baby will love that he or she can dine with Mom, Dad and the siblings and it makes dinner a little less stressful for the whole family.