What is your babies name and why did you choose this name for your baby?

Our baby’s name is Eleanor Mary. We chose the name Eleanor because we liked the old fashioned sound. We also liked how it sounded with our son’s name, Elliot. Mary was chosen because both of my grandmothers as well as my mother-in-law, are named Mary.

How old is your baby now?

She is 11 months old.

Tell us about your baby’s birth story.

Ellie was born on Sunday, November 13, 2016 At 8:16pm. I had gestational diabetes so had a scheduled induction. I had a midwife as well as an OB and had a very easy delivery; only 13 minutes of pushing! With the assistance and encouragement of my team, I was able to help deliver her! It was a really neat experience! She was 7lbs6oz and 21 inches long.


What is your baby’s personality like?

Ellie is pretty exciting! She has a strong personality and is quick to laugh and smile. She definitely knows her own mind and is determined to get at things she shouldn’t. She loves books.