Any parent can tell you when babies first come, they do a lot of eating, sleeping and well, pooping. There is no problem finding all that you need about eating and sleeping. There are so many expert opinions about eating and sleeping that a parent can try different tactics with a lot of information and support. But what about poop? Though stinky, poop can tell you a lot of about a babies health. Author Dr. Linda Palmer has the answer, in a must have book for parents!

baby poop

You think of a baby as one organism, but actually trillions of organisms, chiefly bacteria, have powerful influences over a child’s immune protection and nutrient absorption


Dr. Linda writes as an expert, a friend and most importantly, as a person who wants you have have the best for your baby. Her warmth and passion exudes from each page, that Baby Poop is an easy page turner. Dr. Linda is a speaker, author and Mother. She is dedicated to educating the masses about how early parenting and health care choices can determine a child’s mental and physical outcome. Everyone can walk away learning from this award winning author.

Let’s face it, a babies, flora tells a story about that babies over all health. New parents are never taught to understand their babies poop and the short and long term effects are from a poor diet or medication. How can we educate ourselves? The fantastic and perfectly named book, Baby Poop has the answer.

Baby Poop goes into depth about the color/colour of a babies poop and what it all means. Learn about infant gut health (it may even get you thinking about your own diet and subsequent gut health) and how it plays a big role in your child’s mental and physical health.

We all want the best start for our children and Dr.Linda Palmer has a perfect guide to help parents give their child a healthy beginning and a fresh start. To buy Baby Poop, simply click here.