Baby Shower Alternatives

Baby Shower Alternatives – For some Moms to be, a baby shower is not what they are looking for! From baby shower games to traditional baby shower ideas, some Moms can’t or do not want to participate and want baby shower alternatives to celebrate their babies. We have some top ideas on alternative baby showers that are going to get you and your guests excited about a new way to celebrate.

Baby Shower Alternatives Due To COVID

If you have to reschedule your baby shower plans or you are looking for a safe alternative, we have created a key that indicates which idea is best for covid baby shower alternatives. Just look for the “Can Be Done Remotely” section for each idea and you will find safe ideas that you will enjoy but still keep you safe in these uncertain times. Let’s find you the perfect baby shower alternative!

Baby Shower Alternatives Key

Whether you cannot have the guests you want to come to your baby shower because you live far away and it is hard for family to visit, or you are a person who just does not want to attend or have traditional baby showers, you are entitled to celebrate anyway you want! We have the top baby shower alternative ideas. We have created a key for those who have different celebration requests.

Can Be Done Remotely

An idea that can be done in the comfort of your own home where others can socially distance from one another but still have a great time.

Fully inclusive

it’s not just the ladies at the party! This idea is inclusive to everyone. It’s time to enjoy everyone at these baby shower alternative ideas.

Adults Only

Sorry kiddos, these ideas are just good for adults. This idea is good for adults to enjoy alone without children.

Remote Drive By Congratulations!

Whether Mom is not feeling very well or you cannot be around your friends and family at the time, a Drive By Congratulations is a great way to celebrate the baby without having to get together.

Each invited guest can make a congratulations sign to hold. They drive to the Mom to be or the new Moms house and present the signs that they have created. They can write well wishes, fun advice or maybe even share pictures of themselves and Mom to be over the years. The guests can then pick up refreshments from a table displayed outside of the home and drop off their signs and/or gift for the Mom to be. An adorable way to honor someone when they cannot necessarily see them!


Fully inclusive, can be done remotely, adults only

Sip and See

Sometimes pregnancy is not going as planned. Some Moms to be are not ready or well enough to enjoy a baby shower. They may not feel up to it, or they may not have the strength to celebrate. Other Moms are from cultures where it is bad luck to celebrate a child before they are born. In any event, a light Sip and See get together can be a great baby shower alternative.

A Sip and See is a small gathering with light refreshments after the baby is born. This party can happen right after baby is born all the way to when baby has received their first vaccine. There is no specific time but it is a time where new Mom opens her home to visitors to pop and see the new family and discuss how the baby and Mom are doing.

People can choose to bring gifts for the baby and/or for the family. People have small short visits with the baby so that the family can get some rests. They can also take pictures of their newest family member or friend. These visits are short (no more than an hour) and really just a check in to the family.

If you are looking for a light way to celebrate your new baby that does not require a lot of work, this is a great baby shower alternative to make memories and connect with family and friends.

Alternatively, you can also do a remote sip and see where you get together with a group on Facebook and Zoom and present your baby and talk about how things have been going. This can be as short as a 15 minute check in.


adults only, fully inclusive, can be done remotely


COED Baby Celebration

Who says girls are the only ones to have fun? This party is for everybody! You can have your entire friends and family circle to enjoy and celebrate your baby coming. From coed games to just hanging out and having a great time, these parties can be more informal, full of fun and up to you how you want to handle it.

Since having a coed party means even more people coming to visit, many people try to throw outdoor parties if at all possible. From BBQS to buffets, friends and family get together and have a great time.

Moms who love a relaxed setting where everyone can enjoy their time at their own pace love this option. Alternatively, you can have an “open house” for people to come, stay and go without an obligation to stay the duration of the party. This works if people are social distancing as well.


Fully Inclusive, Adults Only (as long as you state that), Can Be Done Remotely

Video Compilation For The New Family

Surprise your favorite Mom to be by getting a video compilation of her friends and family sending well wishes about the new family. Friends and family can make videos on their favorite social media outlets or just create a video themselves. Put this together so it plays like a movie for Mom.

Get everyone to say their favorite memory about Mom, Dad or partner growing up or get everyone to do something completely silly. From new Mom skits, to beautiful displays of love and affection, make the world a better place by creating a video encouraging or giving a laugh to the expanding family.


Fully inclusive, Can Be Done Remotely

Inspirational Quotes on Diapers

Buy a box of diapers and get Mom/ Dad / Partner to bes family and friends to write inspirational or hilarious quotes or messages on the front of each diaper. Those late night changes can be cumbersome, so when a parent is changing a diaper late at night, seeing a sweet quote or a hilarious message can bring a smile on those long nights.

If you cannot get together with each person, have them message, text or email you their funny or inspirational messages so you can write it down for them. This will make it a lot easier on everyone!


Fully inclusive, Can be done remotely

Mommy Spa Day

Another relaxing and fun baby shower alternative is to get Moms best family and friends together at her house for a spa day. Don’t worry about booking an expensive spa. You can hire a manicurist to come to spa day to help everyone with their nails or for a more inexpensive option, bring as many beautiful nail polishes as you can to do your nails yourselves.


Organize a nice foot soak for Mom to be and a rich face mask. Have yummy little treats and snacks for guests of all of Mom’s favorites. Stay only a couple of hours. Get some gab time in and then give Mom the break she probably wants.


If you are looking for gift options, think a nice robe, slippers, head wrap, comfortable pillows and blankets and some face masks she can keep to treat herself.


If you cannot get people together, you can send a huge gift basket of spa items to Mom to be or send her to a spa day for herself. A Mom to be would appreciate visiting a spa near by that she can visit and just go to unwind and get a massage and have a day of relaxation and pampering. Call first to make sure that they will accept pregnant people.


The goal is to create calm, a safe space or just have a bunch of laughs while relaxing with friends.



Good for Adults only


Dinner’s On Us!

In the weeks before Mom to be is ready to have her baby, new parents are often not thinking of cooking with a new baby. Depending on the birth, new Mom may not be up for cooking or may not be in a position to cook. Dad/ Partner and Mom may be grateful for some yummy meals. Organize a few home cooked meals and some gift cards to Moms favorite restaurants that do take out and bring them over a few days before her due date. Be sure to ask about any preferences, allergies or if her house has the fridge space.

If you live close to your Mom to be, drop off some meals remotely if she does not have the fridge space. For family members and friends that live farther away, a nice gift card can go a long way (especially if that restaurant delivers!) Making it as simple for Mom as you can is a great gift for a tired new Mom.

If she has multiple children, remember that in your portion sizes!


Good for adults only, Inclusive to everyone

Books For Baby

We all want to raise and encourage little avid readers! From Dahl to Dostoyevsky, we want our little ones to be well read. Instead of a baby shower, create a books for baby campaign with Moms closest family and friends!

Choose books that are meaningful to you. Pick newborn books all the way to those coveted preteen years. Choose books that tell a great story, are classic and will make an impact on this new baby.

If you are not a big reader yourself, choose a baby board book that is interactive for the baby to learn colors, letters or to count. A book that has clues or hidden doors is a hit with young ones also.

Encourage family and friends to write a nice inscription in the book saying who it is from.

Bonus points if Mom to be is looking for a bookshelf and you all pool money together to buy one, filled with the most treasured books. If you cannot do that or the nursery is full, simply gifting the books is a beautiful way to give a gift that keeps on giving.

Still stuck on what book to give? Here are some of our favorite titles and series to help you out!

Books For Baby Shower

Anything Robert Munsch


The Bernstein Bears Series


The Little Miss Series


Where The Wild Things Are


The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Goodnight Moon




Where’s Spot?


Baby University

Baby Shower Alternative To A Second Child

If this is your second, third or fourth child but you still want to honor and celebrate this child, all of these ideas are wonderful ways to honor your baby other than a baby shower. You may have all of the big things like a crib, or car seat but you may just want to celebrate the upcoming birth of your new baby. These ideas above are guaranteed to make a new Mom feel great without having another baby shower. Our personal favorite is the Sip and See but any idea will suit your family and most importantly, honor your new baby! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

Baby Shower Alternatives

You will not regret not having a baby shower. You will be happy that you did what you wanted to do and there are many alternative ways to celebrate. There are so many great options for celebrating the birth of your baby that you will find something that will make Mom to be comfortable.

You can also look at our Baby Shower ideas or our virtual baby shower ideas, games and more if you are still on the fence. Remember, it’s your choice how you want to celebrate!