Baby Shower Games

top baby shower games

When a baby comes into a circle of family and friends, it brings joy to everyone! What better way than to celebrate a baby? Throwing a baby shower for a loved one is a perfect expression of family and friendship, but planning it can be time consuming. We have the TOP BABY SHOWER games for any baby shower, no matter what the theme, where the place or how many people. We are so excited for you to see each and every game that people throwing baby showers love to play.

Virtual baby showers are a completely different party to plan! We have some great tips for the best virtual baby showers.

What is a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a celebration of the upcoming birth of a baby, typically hosted by a close friend or family member of the expectant mother. The event typically includes games, food, and gift-giving, and is a way for the mother-to-be to receive support and well-wishes from her loved ones.

How Many Games Should Be Played At a Baby Shower?

Like a birthday party, you do not want the whole event to be centered on games. You want to leave time for mingling, opening gifts and eating. Four games is enough for a baby shower. A baby shower usually lasts for about 3 hours. Guests usually want to see the parents to be or Mom to be open gifts, eat and mingle so four games is more than enough. One of those games should be an independent game like a word unscramble or a guessing game.

How Do You Make A Baby Shower Fun?

Baby showers have guests that are in the parent’s life. However, that does not mean that all of the guests know each other! There may be a mix of family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Therefore, to make everyone comfortable and at least get along, baby shower games are fun to do and break the ice. Here are some games to start the baby shower.

Virtual Baby Shower Games

Can’t get together with your guests? Are you planning a virtual baby shower? We have the top virtual baby shower games and how to organize a virtual baby shower.

What Games Are Played At A Baby Shower?

From traditional shower games to unique baby shower games, baby shower games can be played in groups or alone, online or in person. We have a top list of dozens of baby shower games so you can pick and choose what games will work best for your party.

Baby Shower Planning – What to Keep in Mind

Even though a game looks like fun, you have to pick baby shower games that work well with the baby shower that you are planning. You cannot play baby shower bingo with four guests at a small baby shower and guests cannot play “guess the baby food” when you have a room full of people with certain allergies. You have to have an understanding of what size your baby shower is and who is coming to the baby shower. This is why we created a baby shower game ranking system so you can scan each game and see what works for your baby shower. From time durations to what is good for large or small baby showers, you will be able to pick the perfect games for your shower.

All of these games are good for co-ed baby showers, showers with just family, or showers with everyone!

Baby Shower Game Rating

We rate each baby shower to help you narrow down the perfect games for your party. Here are some of our descriptions to help you choose the perfect baby shower game.

Cost effective- The Game generally will cost the host nothing to $20

Quick- the game can be played in under 15 minutes.

Can be played virtually-this game is good for Virtual Baby Showers

Can be played alone- An independent game that people can play by themselves.

Played in groups- A Baby Shower game that is great for groups to play at once.

Good For Large Parties- A baby shower game that is great for larger parties.

Good For Small Parties – A Baby shower game that is good for smaller parties.


Baby Shower Games

baby shower games

Here are the top baby shower games that you are guaranteed to love. Whether you have a small baby shower or you are looking for unique baby shower games, you are going to see dozens and dozens of different games to help you plan the perfect party. We have also included links to some of the items you may need to purchase to make your planning even easier. We also have links to free baby shower printable to make your party planning run smoothly.

GAME:  Diaper Well Wishes

ITEMS YOU NEED: 0-3 month diapers

12 pack of markers

A nice box to store diapers afterwards.

DURATION: 5 minutes

How to Play:

PROS: a nice personal message for the Mom or Dad to be that they can remember during those late night changes.

CONS:  Make sure to get 0-3 diapers, you never know if the baby is going to be big or small and many babies skip the newborn size phase all together.

Having enough markers for people.    

This Game Is: Good for small parties, well for large parties, cost effective, quick and can be played alone.

GAME: Find the Guest

ITEMS YOU NEED: Cards with questions

Pens for all guests.

DURATION: can play throughout the party

How to Play: This is the ultimate get to know game! Guests will see questions on the card pertaining to certain guests at the party. Guests will have to find “the person with more than three children” or “the guest who has a Mom blog.” Questions can be tailored by the baby shower host! This way, your guests get to know one another and interact while getting to know each other.

PROS: It is the ultimate ice breaker! It has guests really get to know each other and ask questions. This game really helps families and friends bond.

CONS:  If you have a shy group, it may be hard to get them to participate in the game without the host’s encouragement.  

This Game Is: Cost effective, good for small parties, good for large parties, can be played alone

GAME: Draw the Baby


Markers for everyone

DURATION: 10 Minutes

How to Play: This is one of these shower games that is guaranteed to make people laugh! Each guest places the cue card on their forehead. With a marker, draw what a baby looks like. Guests cannot see what they are drawing. No cheating or mirrors! The winner will be chosen by the Mom to be. Let’s find out who the artist is at the baby shower!

PROS: Hilarious, guests get to try to draw a baby with a cue card on their forehead. It is a definite baby shower game that will break the ice.

CONS:  Watch out for guests using mirrors or getting help for others or cheating. The point is just to have fun!

This Game Is: Cost effective, can be played alone, can be played in groups, good for large groups, and can be played virtually

GAME: Name That Baby Tune!


Name that Baby Tune Cue Cards for each guest.

Pens or pencils for each guest

DURATION: 5 to 10 Minutes

How to Play: Can your guests name all of the songs names that have the word “Baby” in it? Guests will have to guess at some of the classics and new songs alike in a timed game.

PROS: Guests will laugh and have fun remembering all of the “baby songs” they can think of! It is an easy game with a quick clean up.

CONS:  If your guests don’t listen to music, this game is not going to fly.

This Game Is: cost effective, quick, good for large parties, good for small parties, can be played alone

GAME: Get To Know Mommy to Be

ITEMS YOU NEED: Print out of Get to Know Mommy to Be

DURATION: 5 to 10 minutes

How to Play: Guests will have to answer Mommy to be questions about the guest of honor! Does she like to sleep in or wake up early? Does she like salty foods or sweet foods? Whoever gets the most questions right wins!

PROS: Easy game to play for all activity levels.

CONS: If this is game is played with guests who do not know the Mom to be and are more closer with the guest of honor’s partner, this may prove to be more difficult of a game for them.

This Game Is: cost effective, good for small parties, good for large parties, can be played alone or in groups, good for virtual parties

GAME: Don’t Say Baby!

ITEMS YOU NEED: Clothes Pins for every guest at the party

DURATION: the whole party

HOW TO PLAY: Don’t say “baby”! Throughout the party, if any guest says “baby” in conversation, another guest can take their clothes pin. The person who has collected the most clothes pins by the end of the party wins!

PROS:  It encourages the guests to talk to each other and mingle. It’s a fun game that can get the guests relaxed and laughing.

CONS: Make sure guests don’t just hand over their clothespins or not hand them over if they say “baby.”

This Game is: Cost Effective, Good for large parties, good to play alone

GAME: Diaper the Baby Blindfolded!


Depending on the guests, 4-5 baby dolls

4-5 newborn diapers

-4-5 scarves

Timer or watch or phone

DURATION: 15 minutes

HOW TO PLAY: This is great practice for those late night diaper changes! Choose four to five guests at a time to be blindfolded. Bring them to a table with the baby dolls. Time each guest how long it takes to put a diaper on a baby doll blindfolded. For each guest to correctly get the diaper on the baby blindfolded, calculate who had the best time. The guest who put the diaper on the baby doll blind folded in the least amount of time is the winner!

PROS: This is such a fun game that is interactive and gets guests laughing and having a good time.

CONS: Shyer guests may not want to play and will sit out.

Popular Baby Shower Games

These popular baby shower games are fun, exciting but also stand the test of time because they are enjoyed by all.

This Game Is: Cost Effective, good for large parties, good for small parties, good to play alone.

GAME: Unique Celebrity Baby Names

ITEMS YOU NEED: cue cards

DURATION: 15 minutes

HOW TO PLAY: Give a list of celebrity baby names. From Gwen Paltrow’s “Apple” to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s “Violet”, which one of your guests can name them all?

PROS: Get the creative juices flowing for this fun game!

CONS: This game would not work for guests that are not up to date with celebrities and children of celebrities.

This Game Is: Cost Effective, good to play alone, good for big parties, and good for small parties

GAME: Baby Animal Names


A Main Legend with the answers

DURATION: 15 minutes

HOW TO PLAY: Can your guests name all of the baby names for animals? A Kangaroo baby is a Joey but what is a baby elephant called? The guest who can correctly name the most baby animals on a list wins.

PROS:  Gets guests guessing and learning about baby animals!

CONS: Watch out for people sharing their answers.

This Game Is: Cost Effective, Good to play in groups, good to play alone, good for big parties, and good for small parties

GAME: Guess The Baby Food!

ITEMS YOU NEED: 6 to 10 Jars of Baby Food

Cue Cards


Tiny Spoons for all guests

A legend with the answers

DURATION: throughout the party

HOW TO PLAY: each guest tastes the baby food from each unmarked jar and tries to guess what kind of baby food it is. At least three of the jars should have a mixed puree. The guest to guess the majority of the answers wins!

PROS: a fun taste test of yummy baby food purees, other parents get to discover what their babies are really eating.

CONS: This game is not good for people with allergies. If you are mixing purees and you have vegetarian or vegans in the group, ensure that all jars are vegan or vegetarian and that no animal byproducts. Knowing everyone’s dietary needs can ensure a successful game.

This Game Is: Cost effective, can be played alone, good for small or large baby showers.

GAME: Guess The Parent!

ITEMS YOU NEED: 10 – 20 pictures of each of the babies parent from infancy or their first year. Throw in a few stock photos to make it challenging

You can also include aunts and uncles pictures to make it more difficult!

Cue cards

Pens or Pencils for your guests

DURATION: 15 minutes or can be played one by one throughout the duration of the party.

HOW TO PLAY: Can your guests guess the baby is Mom or Dad? Throw some pictures of siblings to throw off the guests or pictures of other babies. The guest who can spot the fake pictures and correctly identify the parents in the most pictures is your winner.

PROS: A fun game to challenge your guest’s skills and see if they can spot each parent.

CONS: This game does not work well if the host does not throw some pictures that can throw off guests.

This Game Is: Cost effective, quick, can be played virtually, can be played alone or in groups. Good for small or large baby showers.

GAME: Guess Mommy’s Age!

ITEMS YOU NEED: 10 Pictures of Mom to be

One Bristol board


Decorations as desired

Cue Cards


Legend of actual ages of Mom to be for the host only

DURATION: Over the course of the game

HOW TO PLAY: Tape pictures as desired of Mom to be.  Number them from 1 to 10. Have guests guess the ages of each pictures of Mom to be. Whomever guesses the most correct answers to Moms age wins.

PROS: Easy to do and is an individual game that can be played over the course of the baby shower.

CONS: Does not promote guests to mingle as much.

This Game Is: Cost effective, good to play alone, good for large parties and small parties.

GAME: Name the Poop Baby Game


Different popular chocolate bars melted

Four or Five Diapers

Cue cards so guests can write their answers

Pens for guests to write down their answers

Parchment paper so the chocolate does not actually touch the diaper

Small Spoons

DURATION: 15 minutes

HOW TO PLAY: melt different chocolate bars and place them on the parchment paper. Place the parchment paper on a diaper. It is done to resemble poop. Guessing the “poop flavor” will be your guest’s task. The winner is the person who guesses the most correct “poop flavors”.

PROS: Many people find this game memorable and hilarious.

CONS: Many people find this game gross and it is a turn off for some to even play. Some people may label this as an inappropriate baby shower game.

Many people have peanut allergies and other allergies so you would have to ensure this is an allergy safe game for all of your guests. Peanut allergies are serious!

This Game Is: Cost Effective, Good to play alone, good for big parties, good for small parties.

GAME: Onesie Designer!


-White plain onesies for each of your guests

-fabric friendly markers for everyone

DURATION: 15 Minutes

HOW TO PLAY: Who can design the best onesie? Using fabric friendly markers, each guest designs an onesie for the new baby. Mom-to -be picks the best design. This is one of the great unique baby shower games.

PROS: Mom to be gets to take home new onesies designed by the people she loves for her little one.

CONS: If it is a large baby shower, it can be costly buying dozens of onesies and fabric friendly markers. One can bypass expense with big parties by getting a group to design one onesie

This Game Is: Good for small baby showers, good to play alone, Good to play in groups

GAME: Finish That Nursery Rhyme!

ITEMS YOU NEED: Finish That Nursery Rhyme Printable

Pencils or pens for each of your guests

A legend with the answers on it for the host

DURATION: 15 minutes

HOW TO PLAY: Guests receive 10 random nursery rhyme sentences that are incomplete. Can your guests remember each nursery rhyme? Whoever fills out the most correct nursery rhyme answers is the winner!

PROS: A great icebreaker and helps guests remember all of those nursery rhymes that they have heard as a child. It will help them sing them and teach the baby to be!

CONS: If your guests have not grown up with these nursery rhymes, this would not be the best baby shower game.

This Game Is: Cost effective, good for large baby showers, good for small baby showers, good to play alone.

GAME: Baby Bingo

ITEMS YOU NEED: Baby Bingo Cards

Bingo Chips

Bingo Spinner

A person to call the numbers (the host is a great choice)

DURATION: 15-20 minutes (depending on how many games you would like to play).

HOW TO PLAY: Each guest gets a Baby Bingo Card. Guests will place bingo chips on the words that are called out. The first guest to get a line, four corners or fill the board (however you like to play) is the winner!

PROS: This is a long baby shower game that everyone loves. It keeps everyone calm and attentive.

CONS: This would not be a good game if young children are invited. They may not be able to sit still and remain quiet for the entire game.

This Game Is: Great for large baby showers, good to play alone, and good for virtual baby showers

GAME: What Size Is Mommy’s Tummy?

ITEMS YOU NEED: What Size is Mommy’s Tummy Tape?

Ribbon for the guests


DURATION: 30 minutes (depending on how many guests you have).

HOW TO PLAY: Measure Mommy’s tummy secretly and find out how many inches the tummy is. Then get every guest to estimate with their tummy tape how big Mommy’s tummy is. The person who has the closest number is the winner.

PROS: It is an interactive game that gets guests to talk to each other and is a good ice breaker.

CONS: Some guests including the Mom to be may find this a sensitive game to play. Some women may be going through body challenges or health challenges and rather not play this game. It is always best to check with the Mom to be first before the baby shower.

This Game Is: good for small bridal showers, good to play alone

GAME: Playdough Baby

ITEMS YOU NEED: Playdough in various colors (enough for all guests)

DURATION: 10 minutes

HOW TO PLAY: Guests have 20 minutes to create their own playdough baby. Whoever makes a baby as cute as possible is the winner! The Mom to be will make the decision.

PROS: A fun and creative way to break the ice at a baby shower.

CONS: it can be messy if it is not organized!

This Game Is: Great for playing along, great for small bridal showers

GAME: Diaper Toss!



A Blindfold

A Waste Basket

DURATION: 20 minutes or more depending on how many guests you have.

HOW TO PLAY: Each guest gets blindfolded and they are handed three diapers. After standing behind a designated line, each blindfolded guest attempts to toss each diaper into the waste basket. Can your guests throw away a “dirty diaper” like they were changing diapers in the middle of the night? The person who gets the most diapers in the wastebasket blindfolded wins!

PROS: a fun and interactive game that gets everyone laughing and cheering for one another!

CONS: This may be a game that is hard to play with young children if you have young children attending the party.

This Game Is: good for big showers, good for small showers, good to play alone

GAME: What baby item am I?

ITEMS YOU NEED: Cue cards with a different baby item on every card


DURATION: Throughout the course of the baby shower.

HOW TO PLAY: the host gives each guest a cue card that is taped to their back. Each guest must ask questions about what baby item they are on their back. Other guests cannot give the answers but can answer questions. If a guest guesses the correct answer, they win!

PROS: A great ice breaker game that helps guests get to know each other and mingle with one another.

CONS: watch out for people cheating to find out their answer!

This Game Is: cost effective, good for big groups, good for small groups, can be played alone.

GAME: Baby Price is Right!

ITEMS YOU NEED: A Bottle, Baby toy, A 3 pack of onesies, a picture of a stroller, a picture of a crib

A legend of all of these item’s prices for the host to see only.

DURATION: 5 minutes or you can have people play it individually throughout the shower.

HOW TO PLAY: Display each of the items on a table and have people guess the price of each item. The person who guesses the closest price to each item is the winner.

PROS: This helps parents to be know the prices of regular baby items.

CONS: Your winner most likely will be another parent. Some older and much younger guests may have no idea how much baby items cost currently.

This Game Is: Great for big showers (baby shower games for large groups), great for small showers, great for virtual parties, good to play alone.

GAME: Make your own diaper


A lot of toilet paper rolls

DURATION: 15-30 minutes

HOW TO PLAY: Divide the room into groups of 3-5. Each group must pick a person to be the baby. Wrap the toilet paper around the person you have chosen to make a diaper. This diaper has to be adorable and durable. Mom to be will judge based on style and durability. Make the “baby” run across the party room and back. Points off if the diaper falls apart or breaks. The person with the cutest diaper that is the most durable is the winner.

PROS: A game guaranteed to get people laughing and bonding over this hilarious baby shower game.

CONS: This game is not good for small group baby showers. Also, do not play this game during a toilet paper shortage.

This Game Is: Good for large baby shower groups

GAME: Guess the Animal Gestation


A Printable list of different animals and how long that they’re pregnant

A legend of the answers for the host

DURATION: 10 to 15 minutes

HOW TO PLAY: Each guest must look at the list of animals on their sheet. Depending on the animal, pregnancy times are different for each. Each guest must guess how long each animal is pregnant for. The person with the most correct answers is the winner!

PROS: This unique baby shower game will get your guests thinking and you will get some really creative answers guaranteed for some interest and a few laughs.

This goes great with an animal theme baby shower

CONS: if people don’t have a clue about animal gestation, you may get some wild answers

This Game Is: good for big baby showers, cost effective, good for small baby showers, good to do alone, well for virtual baby showers.

GAME: What’s In the Baby Box?


A box that you decorate that is sealed, except for a small hole for your hands.

Timer- either on a phone or a stop watch.

A pencil and a cue card to write down the name of the guest, their correct answers and their time if they guess them all in under a minute.

Random Baby Items like:

A Diaper


A baby spoon

Baby food

A onesie

DURATION: 20 minutes or more depending on how many guests you have at your baby shower.

HOW TO PLAY: Every parent knows what it’s like to fish around for an essential baby item in the dark! Too afraid to wake anyone else or too tired to turn the light on, parents have to search for things quickly all of the time. To play this game, each guest gets one minute to feel around the box and guess what baby items are inside. They cannot peek but only feel and guess what items are there. The winner of the game is the guest who correctly guesses the most items in the least amount of time.

PROS: a fun and unique baby shower game

CONS: Make the items easy or no one will be able to guess them!

This Game Is: good for small baby showers, good for big baby showers, and good for playing alone

GAME: Baby Shower Guessing Game

ITEMS YOU NEED: a wipe board, wash away markers, a wipe board eraser, a list of baby items for the host only

DURATION:  15 to 20 minutes

HOW TO PLAY: divide the group into two teams. Each team sends a representative to draw a baby item that the host whispers to the person drawing. Each group has one minute to figure out what the person had drew. The person drawing cannot speak. The group with the most right guesses wins!

PROS: This is a great game to get people guessing and bonding in groups.

CONS: It may be hard to find a lot of gifts if the winning group is big.

This Game Is: cost effective, good for small baby showers, good for virtual baby showers

How Do You Make A Baby Shower Fun?

You make a baby shower fun by your energy while hosting the party.

If you are hosting gaging other people’s energy level, it will show the guests that you are not confident in the party that you are hosting. Know that the party you are hosting is great and if you walk in there with a big smile ready to host your Mom to be and give her a great experience, people are going to latch on to your positive energy.

The second way to make baby shower fun is by staying organized.

Choose games that match the group. If you have a lot of people who do not know each other, then you will have to have an icebreaker game that will help people “break the ice” and be made to start interacting with one another. Keeping organized and giving breaks between games is going to keep people happy. Give people time to talk, mingle, eat (if you’re serving a lunch, dinner or snacks) and for your Mom to be to open gifts.

A third way to make a baby shower fun and memorable is to have light background music playing.

It can be anything from a light jazz to a modern playlist. Having music playing is great, especially when there is a lull in the party, it always sounds like something is going on and it gives people the comfort to start conversations up again.

Lastly, to have a great time at a baby shower is to make sure that the games suit the shower.

You don’t want to choose large baby shower group games for a baby shower under ten people. Thankfully, we have created a legend for each game so you can see what games work with your type of baby shower. Whether it is big or small, virtual or guests amongst one another, you have lots of baby shower games that you can choose from that will suit your shower. Don’t pick games just because they look fun, pick ones that fit with your baby shower group.

  What can You Do Instead of Baby Shower Games?

Some baby showers do not have any games at all! If you and your Mom to be do not want any baby shower games at the party, fill the party with good food, good music and pick a space where people can socialize. Backyards, halls or an open concept house are perfect places to host a baby shower but not rely on games to keep people entertained. Great good and company is what is going to keep the baby shower as memorable as one that had great baby shower games.


What Are Good Prizes for Baby Shower Games?

Good prizes for baby shower games do not have to be expensive! Prizes can be anywhere from a gift card at some favorite places or local favorites to physical gifts.

Some good prizes are:

Gift cards: Pick popular places and your guest can get something that they really want.

A mini spa kit- Give your winner the chance to treat themselves to a facial mask, foot scrub and more!

Garden package- Get some adorable seeds for flowers and herbs, a hand held rake and adorable garden gloves.

A nice bottle of wine

Fancy chocolates

Succulents- who doesn’t like succulents? These hardy tough plants are gorgeous.

A Mug and some fancy coffee pods and/ hot chocolate

Book store certificate

A beautiful scarf

A fancy throw pillow


You can also bundle some of these items together and put them in a beautiful basket.

Remember you do not have to spend a lot of money for a great baby shower gift.

What are some of the funniest baby shower games ever

Some popular and funny baby shower games include:
  1. Diaper Changing Race: Participants race against the clock to see who can change a baby doll’s diaper the fastest.

  2. Guess the Baby Food: Participants taste jars of baby food and try to guess the flavor.

  3. Baby Word Scramble: A list of baby-related words are scrambled, and participants race to unscramble them the fastest.

  4. Baby Bingo: A bingo game using baby-related items such as pacifier, rattle, and onesie.

  5. Baby Bottle Chugging: Participants race to chug a baby bottle filled with a non-alcoholic beverage as quickly as possible.

  6. Baby Name Race: Participants race to see who can write down the most baby names in a set amount of time.

  7. Baby Pictionary: Participants draw a baby-related item and others have to guess what they are drawing

  8. Mommy or Daddy: Participants have to guess whether a statement is something that the mom-to-be or the dad-to-be would say.

Simple Baby Shower Games

Here are some simple baby shower games that can be easy to organize and play:
  1. Price is Right: Participants guess the prices of baby items such as diapers, formula, and baby clothes.

  2. Word Scramble: A list of baby-related words are scrambled, and participants race to unscramble them the fastest.

  3. Baby Name Game: Participants write down as many baby names as they can think of in a set amount of time.

  4. Baby Memory: A tray of baby items is shown to the participants, and they have to write down as many items as they can remember after the tray is taken away.

  5. Baby Word Search: A word search puzzle with baby-related words, such as onesie, stroller, and rattle.

  6. Baby Mad Libs: A fill-in-the-blank story using baby-related words.

  7. Guess the Due Date: Participants write down their guesses for the due date of the baby.

  8. Guess the Baby Food: Participants taste jars of baby food and try to guess the flavor.

These are simple games that can be played with minimum setup and can entertain the guests and make the shower more fun.

Unique Baby Shower Games

Here are some unique baby shower games that can add a creative twist to the celebration:
  1. Baby Shower Trivia: Test the guests’ knowledge of baby-related trivia questions.

  2. Mommy or Daddy: Participants have to guess whether a statement is something that the mom-to-be or the dad-to-be would say.

  3. Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt: A list of baby-related items are hidden around the party area, and guests race to find them all.

  4. Baby Shower Bingo: A bingo game using pictures of baby items such as bottles, bibs, and onesies.

  5. Baby Shower Jeopardy: A fun take on the popular game show, with categories such as “Baby Names” and “Baby gear.”

  6. Baby Shower Word Ladder: A word game where participants have to change one letter at a time to make a new word, each step of the way leading to a baby-related word.

  7. Baby Shower Drawing: Participants are given a word or phrase related to babies and have to draw a picture to represent it.

  8. Baby Shower Charades: Participants act out baby-related words or phrases for others to guess.

These games can add a unique and creative touch to the shower, and can be tailored to the interests and personalities of the guests.

What Do Men Do At A Baby Shower?

Everyone, regardless of gender is invited to a baby shower, there should be no divide. Ask your Mom to be if she is looking for a girls only party or wanting to celebrate with everyone. Men can play and engage in the same games as women. This is a special event celebrating a baby!  A favorite amongst all people is the Blindfold diaper changing. We love seeing Dads beat everyone’s time and show everyone that they got what it takes to take on those late night changings.

The Ultimate Baby Shower Games List

Finding the perfect baby shower games for your upcoming baby shower is easy without detailed list of baby shower games. From large baby showers to virtual baby showers, to small baby showers, there is something for everyone.

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