Best Stuff For Families

Welcome to The Baby Spot Bests, where we choose our favorite things each month. As we start off the summer season right, we have some great products that will keep your summer game going strong, a wonderful blogger that you can binge read for hours and some great books for kids and adults alike.

Blogger of The Month

Our blogger of the month is a woman with kindness, class and everyone loves her! Melanie from Momma Braga  serves up delicious recipes and gives great product reviews, but she also has some really deep personal posts that will have you laugh, cry or just really think. She has her coveted #MelandNikkiReview with her daughter, Nikki. They test out the latest gadgets and products and give great book reviews. We love keeping up with Mel and Nikki, but its especially great right before Christmas season, so you can find some great gift ideas.

We love bloggers who have regular exciting content and are always keeping up with what parents are going through and what they are interested in. Momma Braga does just that! Momma Braga also attends events and shows with her family so everyone can get a good taste about what’s hot in her home city of Toronto. She has great relationships and partnerships with trusted brands and influencers and we love the unique and fun products that she finds!

If you’re looking for something new and exciting everyday, check out Momma Braga, who has something for every reader and has regular new and exciting content. She is also our inspiration for Momming well. Love her to pieces!


Best Bows – Lil Babe Accessories

Nikki from Momma Braga

Lil Babe Accessories has exploded on the scene! Owner and creator Karen is a Mom of one who has a drive to balance motherhood and the business world. She has been obsessed with baby accessories and has a talent for coming up with trendy and creative creations.  Why this bow company? We have a passion for mompreneurs and we have never seen another company create so many different ideas and styles so quickly! It’s probably becvause Lil Babe Accessories puts the customer first, always.

We have personally have put Lil Babe Accessories to task with a custom order for our babies. The order was done exactly how we wanted and we could not believe how quickly it arrived and the wonderful quality.

Karen also takes custom orders and her product is high quality, yet affordable! She has bowties and is always coming up with new accessories for your babes. Moms of boys should keep checking her out as she will be introducing even more baby boy accesssories.

Moms, this company is also for you. Mommy and Me looks are some of Lil Babe Accessories best looks. All Moms should take advantage of her high quality affordable ideas.

Got a accessory idea but you don’t know if Lil Babe will do it? Simply ask Karen! She is so creative, we are sure your idea can come to life!

Fun side note, did you notice that one of the Lil Babe Models is Nikki from Momma Braga?

When it comes to bows and fun accessories for kids, look no further than Lill Babe Accessories


Best Book For Kids – How Do You Care For A Very Sick Bear?

how to care for sick friends

We read a lot of children’s books every month and we love How Do You Care For A Very Sick Bear. It teaches children how to talk to people with illnesses like cancer and how to continue a healthy and loving relationship with family and friends. Its touching, beautiful and the author has had cancer as young one herself, so she is well aware of what cancer patients need in their friends and family. We are not going to spoil everything, but the recipe for friendship is really explained in this book and the answer will surprise you!


Best Parenting Book – The 5 Minute Recharge

Feel like you are losing your day? This book is more of a life changer than anything. It has 31 amazing proven strategies to refresh, reset and become the boss of your day. It’s time to inspire yourself and  get serious about your wellness house. It’s time to clean house! It’s fun, a great read that you can’t put down and not to sound cliche, but it will change your life, parents!

Best Place To Visit With Family- Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal but also your ideal family vacation. Whether you love to hike, sight see, be a family of beach lovers or foodies this city has everything for you. Why do we love it? A number of reasons.

1. A lot to see. Check out Eiffel’s other amazing creation. The trams, the homes, the castles, the bridge!

2. Pastel de natas. Your new favorite dessert. You will leave the country feeling like you are an expert on the subject. You’re welcome.

3. The Food. Fresh, Delicious. Your kids will love soups. Yes, after they taste it.

4. The Beaches. Some of the best in the world across the country.

5. It’s easy to access other cities across the country with their high speed trains.

6.It’s inexpensive. Have a five star vacation for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere.

7. It’s a family oriented city. People love to gush about your children!

Final piece of advice: Just. Go.

Best Appliance – Magic Chef Air Fryer

When we experienced this air fryer, it was a dream to operate. The instructions are so helpful with times and temperatures to set your favorite foods. The food is crispy, made without any oil and is ready in no time! Why don’t you have this fryer yet? It will save you time in the kitchen, is a healthier option and most of all, is a wonderful staple. Its sleek look makes your kitchen look great.

Mom of The Month -Atara Twersky From Curlee Girlee

Atara is not only a Mom of three and a fabulous attorney, but is an author of Curlee Girlee, an inspiring book (spoiler alert: soon to be series) about empowering girls with curly hair! She is a Today Show Style hero. Her book was in the Grammy gift bags. She is starting her own podcast (more on that later) and most of all, has dedicated her life to inspiring others. She is a genius, humble and an all around great Mom. It’s an honor to have her as our Mom of the Month!