Our baby of the week is baby Jaclyn whose proud Mommy is Kat Callaghan , the morning co-host at z103.5 in Toronto, Canada. Learn more about little Jaclyn and the one artist who can stop her from crying!

What is your babies name and why did you choose this name for your baby?

Jaclyn. Aside from the fact that Mom and Dad agreed on the name (wouldn’t have been as easy a decision if it was a boy), we also loved how feminine it was, and loved that it wasn’t an overly popular or trendy name right now.

How old is your baby now?

5 weeks!

Tell us about your baby’s birth story…

27 hours of labour, ending with a c-section.

What is your baby’s personality like?
 Jaclyn is a very happy baby. She just started really smiling at about 4 weeks and hasn’t stopped! She loves being held and is very easy going. At the risk of some eye rolls, her favourite artist is Drake (no seriously she will stop crying when I sing a Drake song or play his music). She also sleeps like a dream so far. Especially at night. We totally lucked out.