Baby mouse was quiet.. at first, until Baby starts to learn their first word, then their second. Baby Squeaks is a delightful story about a chatty baby. Perfect for your early reader, this is a great way to introduce the fact of a new sibling coming and some of the things to expect.

Author and illustrator Anne Hunter has a delightful way of expressing a babies squeak. Through interesting thought bubbles, Baby talks and talks and talks. Parents will feel for the Mouse Parents , until Baby stops squeaking.

Your early reader will be delighted in the repetitive reading. They will most likely learn some new words and there is no question that this will improve both their vocabulary and reading skills. Your smallest ones will be excited to have an older sibling read to them, creating bonds on reading books and having a big imagination.

The illustrations are cute and emphasize the emotion of each page well. Children will love the characters. Look for some hidden characters as well on certain pages. Have your young ones point out the hidden characters and your older ones to identify them for a group activity while reading. Tundra Books picks another great title for early readers.

Extra Credit- Baby Squeaks

Have your children create a baby that is always talking! Ask your child what their baby is talking about? What is their babies first and second word? What animal baby have they created? Have your child draw a baby animal of their choosing and put a dialogue bubble so show what they are saying.

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