It can be scary seeing the news or reading articles about big brands getting into some big trouble for their baby powder or lotions. It can make parents worry where they can get an effective cream for their baby’s bums.

When a baby wears a diaper, it is important to lotion their skin, particularly the part of their skin that rubs against the diaper. Babies can develop rashes and even the most diligent parent may find it hard to avoid a baby rash from time to time. Without a soothing cream, the area can become red and in some extreme cases, infected. It is important to monitor rashes.

What can a parent do who is worried about what the media is saying about big brand creams and powders? Simply, look to trusted brands!

We recommend Baby Butz cream for your baby! It prevents and relieves diaper rash! But who does it do it? Baby Butz cream is a diaper rash treatment that is BOTH a barrier and a healing cream. This means it can heal rashes fast. Baby Butz cream is made from all natural ingredients and is made in Canada by Olen Cosmetics Corporation.

What we love about Baby Butz cream is that is free of perfume, alcohol or chemicals, which many of the leading can’t say the same.

As a parent, we can monitor our baby during the day but what about at night? Is your baby getting the overnight protection that they need? Baby Butz cream provides just that so parents can sleep soundly knowing that Baby Butz cream is not only protecting their baby, but also healing their babies diaper rash.

Baby Butz cream has passed the requirements to be approved as a Natural Health Product in Canada and is being used in hospital neonatal units. What is safe for a hospital to use is definitely safe for you to use!

We received our Baby Butz Cream from Baby Butz to give our audience an honest review of the product. We like that Baby Butz has adorable packaging (their turtle logo is so cute) and that its compact packaging easily fits into our diaper bag or purse. We like things that we can carry because we are always out and about with our family. We don’t want to carry a big, bulky item that may be weighty. Baby Butz is perfect for when we have to change our baby’s diaper in a small public washroom or other cramped areas. It’s compact and portable.

The seal was strong and when we opened it, we decided to test it for any scents in the cream. It has a light scent of an earthy smell, very subtle and lovely. We applied the cream which is very thick to a diaper rash. It seemed to be an instant comfort for baby and its thick coat was able to instantly soothe.

Our child has allergies so we were happy to find that this cream is not only hypo allergenic but also gluten free! The challenge with having a child that is allergenic is that if they get a diaper rash, it is hard to find a cream that can treat a rash without causing an allergy. Allergic reactions can be but not limited to: rashes, hives or spots. Our little one suffers from red rashes which can be itchy and cause discomfort. We were relieved to see that Baby Butz did not cause any of these things. This made us feel like our baby was being protected and healed from a diaper rash.

Baby Butz’s creator, Olen Cosmetics, is a Canadian company that manufactures high quality and natural skin care and hair products for babies, children and adults. Their pricing is competitive, their standards are incredibly high and we love their packaging, especially for Baby Butz.

A lot of thought and care goes into an Olen Cosmetics brand. Along with Baby Butz, Olen Cosmetics promises a lot with their safe, simple and effective products. Their promise comes from an important piece of information, a magical number… 26.

Why is 26 so important? It takes 26 seconds for chemicals from your personal care products of your choice to enter your bloodstream. Yes, after application, in 26 short seconds a product such as lotion or cream can enter your blood stream. Because of these facts, Baby Butz and the whole Olen Cosmetics line promises you no synthetic or chemical ingredients, no artificial fragrances, no dyes, no animal testing, complete product descriptions (which you can understand) and a 100% guarantee. Both Baby Butz and Olen cosmetics know that 26 seconds is important. Can you get that guarantee from other leading brands?

We also trust Baby Butz and Olen cosmetics because of their CEO and founder Majda Ficko. Majda is not only a genius business woman but a Mom. She knows what kind of products parents are seeking for their baby, especially products that are applied in intimate places such as a baby’s bum. Baby Butz is the most notable product of the Olen cosmetics line as it has won multiple awards. Majda developed Baby Butz for her “severely disabled child”. The forumulation that she put together heals so many different skin conditions that Majda soon realized that adults were purchasing it to use not only on their children but themselves as well. Olen Cosmetics continues to grow to include a whole line of skin products for their global customer base. Majda is an inspiration to parents not only because of her impeccable business ethics, but because she cares about what her customer, the parent of young children need for their babies.

Majda’s Baby Butz was put to the test with us! We had a normal rash on our rashy baby, how quickly can this heal? Usually rashes took 3-5 days for our baby to heal. We would air them out without a diaper, apply leading brand creams and sometimes deal with another rash flare up. We decided to go through the same procedure with Baby Butz. We aired out our child, applied the cream as directed and did not experience a rash flare up! By the end of day two the rash was gone. We attribute that to Baby Butz’s thick, odourless cream that immediately soothed baby’s rash. Two days and a rash was gone! Thank goodness our sweet baby could get faster relief!

We decided to use Baby Butz for ourselves. Mr. Baby Spot had a rough patch of skin on his elbow. Could Baby Butz moisturize it? We decided to test this at night before bed. One night was all it took! The elbow was much softer and the thick Baby Butz cream worked! Even though we want you to give your baby the relief that they deserve, this product is also great for you too! You should also check out other Olen Cosmetics products to enjoy as we trust their good judgement.

Baby Butz is the perfect cream for babies (and what the heck, adults too!) Its thick moisturizing cream will give your baby the relief that they deserve from a diaper rash or a rough patch of skin. Spoil your baby with a “just because” cream on their feet and elbows!

Since many leading brands have been called out with their unsafe baby products recently, it can be confusing for parents to find the right baby cream for them. We try to find the right brands that we can trust for our readers and we fully endorse Baby Butz for each of you! From its no chemicals and no alcohol based creams to the small, easy to carry container, this is the perfect brand for your baby. Trust us, it’s great for a baby who has allergies! We are relieved that this competitively priced cream was not only a relief to our baby but also coming from a trusted brand.

Parents who don’t want to worry about their children’s rash choose Baby Butz cream!