Babymoon Book – If you are about to become parents or you want to share a book with a pregnant friend or a little one that is about to become a big brother or sister, Babymoon is your book to cuddle up to.

What is A Babymoon?

A babymoon is when two parents take a nice little vacation or staycation away before the baby is born but in “Babymoon” by Haley Barrett, Babymoon takes on a whole new meaning.

A Babymoon is also when two new parents have just become parents to a beautiful brand new baby. Subsequently, they adjust to becoming parents and live in their own little world while the rest of the world passes them by. It is like the honeymoon stage for parents all over again, but this time, with a brand new baby.

Babymoon The Book

See you soon! Why is this note on the door of a house? It is because a beautiful baby has arrived. Though there are so many people eager to meet the new baby, there will be time for visits and snuggles later. Right now, this beautiful family is cocooning, connecting and building the bonds to their brand new little family.

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The Illustrations of Babymoon

Illustrator Juana Martinez-Neal captures the beauty of a new family in her perfect illustrations. The reader is brought right into the cocoon of this new family in every picture. The words of Hayley Barrett will be both a comfort to you and your partner as you softly read this to your baby and/or other children.

Why We Love Babymoon

This book makes us smile so much. We read it in a hushed voice to our brand new baby. It shows parents that it is okay to nest while you are enjoying your little one and is a polite reminder for guests to let the new parents dictate when they can accept help or visitors.

A babymoon is a beautiful bond because a new family is born! It helps Moms and Dads learn their new roles as parents and it lets baby come into a family with ease and calm.

Everyone Will Want Babymoon

Babymoon makes a perfect baby shower gift for that special Mom to be. It is a beautiful gift that one partner can give to another partner or a wise guest to a Mom to be. It gives assurance to a new Mother that it is okay to slip out of this world for a while and just slip into a little cocoon of being a new family. You dictate the speed of this new life!

Reading this to your children is a great way to let them know that things will be going at a different pace for a while. It’s a great way to show the beauty of a blossoming family and that being on the go all the time is not necessary.

We love that Babymoon teaches parents and families to live in the moment. This is your time to bond and we promise, when you look back at this time, it will be one of the finer moments of your life. This book is precious to any new or growing family.