Since 1997, babymoov have been creating products to make the lives of parents easier. We are thrilled to show off the babymoov Style Bag, which is our favorite bag as a parent!

These chic contemporary designs that babymoov offers makes parents feel at ease carrying around their babies products. You don’t have to have at a bulky basic bag carrying your children’s most precious items!

Babymoov reinvents the everyday life of parents! They provide very reliable, high quality and technologically advanced products. They also are driven by parent’s input.

Babymoov has many accessories, including:

A Changing Mat- Small enough to fit into your style bag but big enough to put your baby down on a safe place while changing their diaper in public. Whether it is at your friends house or in a public bathroom, your baby stays safe and gets the change that they need.

Insulated Bag- Great for warm bottles to stay warm. Breast milk or bottle milk has more of a chance of retaining temperature. This bag is really keeping the parent and child’s needs in mind!

Transparent Pocket- Tired of losing things and rummaging through your bag? Does your diaper bag feel like a black hole, or so filled with items that you will never find what you are looking for! Babymoov has a transparent pocket that will help you find the exact item you are looking for, without keeping your baby waiting.

Soother Pocket- No parent wants their babies soother floating around in a bag, being exposed to other items in the bag. A soother goes into a babies mouth and we want that soother to be safe and not exposed to any other contents in your bag. This soother pocket will help protect your babies soother.
It will also give your soother a designated space to sit until you need it. Don’t keep your baby waiting!

Stroller Harness- Babymoov has a special stroller harness for your bag. It can easily hook on to your stroller without straining the stitching of the bag. Stride through life easily with this awesome accessory.

You can carry your Babymoov style bag like a handbag or a shoulder bag! Choose depending on where you are going and what you will need the Babymoov style bag for.

Babymoov is the perfect diaper bag for you and your baby! Look stylish while taking care of your little one with only the best!



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