Barefoot Books Affiliate Program- Spread The Love of Literacy and Make A Great Second Income


Why do children’s books matter? Barefoot Books co-owner Nancy Traversy knows why and she wants to change your child’s life. Nancy knows that parents want what’s best for their children. In fact, it is what parents from all over the globe want for their little ones. Books “Open windows to characters and cultures and show children that, while we all have our own unique stories, we are actually more alike than different.” What better way to raise globally conscious children than exposing them to box that entertain, insight, engage and enlighten our most precious people. Nancy wants to inspire children and each book at Barefoot Books is inspiring. We have met parents from all over the world that are fascinated by each book that Barefoot puts out and people wait anxiously to see what book they will put out next.

Barefoot Books has an articulate and classy way of illustrating complex issues with children. From gender and racial inequality to different cultures, religions and faiths, Barefoot Books is the perfect introduction to help your children answer some of their worldly questions. Each subject is covered carefully, keeping in mind that a child is inquisitive and learning and has the message of love and acceptance on every page. Now that we are more intertwined and connected more than ever, Nancy attests that these conversations are needed “now more than ever.”

Now Barefoot Books has allowed you, the parent, to continue spreading this strong message of love, unity and reading by becoming a BAREFOOT BOOKS AMBASSADOR. If you believe in the POWER of stories, you can start your own business by reaching your full potential. By selling Barefoot books, you will receive a whopping 30% commission of sales, 15-20% in free products of your choice with every order you place and 4-11% of your team member’s sales. Yes, you can also recruit others to join your team! There are also so many incentives, including REWARDS and CASH PRIZES. So many parents across the United States and Canada are making a great income and doing something they love by selling BAREFOOT BOOKS.

Take a look at the STARTER KIT. Sell for yourself as often or as rarely as you like. Many parents sell to libraries, at book fairs and tradeshows. Others host facebook pages and never leave their house to make a sale. Some do all of these things and more. When being a BAREFOOT BOOKS AMBASSADOR, the way you want to run your business is up to you. There are many ways to market yourself and many ways to get great books in the hands of great families.

If you become a Barefoot Books Ambassador, the Baby Spot will document your journey to our audience, sending potential clients to you and hear about how you are making a difference in your community. You get access to our global readership.

JOIN NOW and get ready to change children’s lives and make an extra income for your family!