Bbluv Naj Evolving Neoprene Swim Vest

Swimming in the pool or out in the water can be a great time for the whole family! However, we have to remember that safety is first during water play, especially for the smallest of our family members. Our friends at bbluv have a wonderful swim vest that is a cut above the rest!

When we think of swim vests, we want a number of things. First and foremost, we want the swim vest to be safe.  Secondly, we want our child to be comfortable and lastly, we want our child to be able to move in the swim vest. So many swim vests can be so bulky.

When we were introduced to bbluv’s Naj evolving neoprene swim vest, we knew we had a winner. This vest is to help a child learn to swim with more confidence. It’s time to forget about those bulky swimming vests that stop your child from moving around with ease. Bbluv Naj allows your child to move and learn how to use their arms in the pool. With your supervision, you will see your little swimmer to be begin to blossom.

Why we love bbluv Naj!

Here’s how it works:

Bbluv nuj swimming vest for children

This modular scalable system helps your child learn with confidence. It has 8 independent removable floats with 3 levels of buoyancy each which allows to adapt perfectly to your child’s learning rhythm.

The helpful safety strap keeps the vest in place and it is both flexible and comfortable allowing your child’s arms and legs to move freely.

This is recommended for the pool and the beach to help your child develop their comfort in the water. We love how it is soft and durable!

Bbluv comes in different sizes and each vest grows with your child which means this is a product that is going to last.

Bbluv encourages you to take your younger children outside and enjoy the good weather, whether it is a nice summer day or a vacation to remember, your little ones can enjoy the water and learn some new skills with the whole family!