Bbluv uvi review

As new parents taking care of an infant, we have limited time. We are trying to take care of a precious little one and also balance our lives. There are never enough hours in the day but parents have a duty to always protect their children. That’s why we like products that are going to make our lives easier. Bbluv’s 4-in-1 portable pacifier and nipple UV sterilizer or the Uvi is one of those products that protects your child and just makes life easier!

The Uvi has a safe and efficient technology that eliminates 99% of germs from pacifiers, baby bottles, bottle nipples, teethers and sippy spouts and more in no time at all! This chemical free product is not only portable and compact in its design, but also is hygienic and very safe. It has a durable UV bulb and is a quick sanitizer.

It is so easy to use and moments later, the nipple is ready for reuse! It is also so compact that you can pack it up for a day out, going to visit a friend or even going on vacation!

Why You Will Love bbluv Uvi

We love products that grow with your family. When the bottle and soother phases are coming to an end, you can also use the sterilizer for a tooth brush head for that little brusher!

Keeping Safe with Uvi


Forget dangerous chemicals to sterilize your child’s bottle. That is like taking away one problem and introducing another! This is a quick and mess free way of sterilizing what you need without putting your little one at risk.

Who Would Like an Uvi?

Uvi is great for parents to treat themselves to save time and most importantly, keep your child’s bottles and nipples sterilized the safe way.

It is also great for giving to parents to be. Surprise your pregnant Mom friend or family member with a product she probably did not know about but will need. It is a great gift and Mom will love that it is small, easy to use and most of all, protects her child from 99% of germs.

Buying Uvi Below!

New parents are always looking for products that make their lives easier. Bbluv does this with the Uvi, the sterilizer that protects your child without the harmful chemicals or waiting long periods. This family friendly product is a must have for parents or parents to be.