We can’t get over how great this is for kids! Beados offers hours of fun for your children and offers an adorable accessory for your child!

These magic beads join with a spray of water! Simply choose an adorable template and create your very own design! Spray it with water and you have yourself your very own Beado!

Glam up your Beado with glitter beads (that are INCLUDED with the set). Make an adorable cat or bear and have an adorable little friend to admire. Your children will be proud of this fun and easy to make craft and will be proud that they made this cute little pet all by themselves!


You can also design your own Beados, so this allows your children to be extra creative!

Create your own family of animals, be creative and keep designing. We love that Beados encourages kids to be creative, but allows a fun, interactive craft for the whole family to enjoy.

For a perfect birthday gift, rainy day craft or just beacause, Beados is a great craft for the whole family!