By: Talia Beckett

@Pinkpearlpr is a blog dedicated to fashion, fun, and family. The goal is to inspire and encourage readers to connect with people who share similar interests by providing a seamless, easily accessible website. At Too Scoops Kids you will find fashionable, high quality, one-of-a kind content. Women of all walks of life are welcome and mothers and children are encouraged to embrace their creativity, be bold, daring, and most importantly fashionable! Pink Pearl PR is pleased to be working with Founders Jenny and Alysia in anticipation of a huge upcoming event and online endeavor!

“Children should be encouraged to express individuality through fashion!” – Lysi

1. Tell us about yourself, your career or business. – Too Scoops Kids has been a world wind. Our team is comprised of three young, beautiful, intelligent, forward-thinking women; all just peaking at 30. Jenny is a mom of two, married for 10 years, trying to balance being a small business owner, mom, wife and graduate student. Jenny loves people, family, and epic moments. Alysia is a single, creative, fashion-forward world-traveler that loves beautiful things. Lysi dreams only of being a successful entrepreneur, living a great life, enjoying every moment, and taking the children’s fashion world by storm. Kharena is a single, hard-working, dependable chemistry teacher, who loves life, is a hopeless romantic, and enjoys traveling. Kharena loves art and creativity, and she dreams of starting her own non-profit.

2. Describe your most recent business success and tell us about your next big goal!-  Our most recent accomplishment to date has been the overwhelming success of the Too Scoops Kids blog. Our steady growth provides us with the confidence and determination to see our vision through. Our next big goal is to host a successful anniversary party. The anniversary party will be our opportunity to introduce ourself to the mom community in Atlanta and thank our audience for the overwhelming support.

“Our next big goal is to host a successful anniversary party and introduce ourself to the mom community in Atlanta.”

3. What is your favorite aspect of your business or product? What sets your business apart?-  Too Scoops Kids has three primary goals; 1.) to provide fun, innovative, and relevant “life enhancement” topics for women 2.) to provide moms (women) with the latest trends and high quality fashion concepts, and 3.) to reiterate the importance of family and the family circle. Too Scoops Kids is all about making the “normal mom” the celebrity. There are so many successful, hard-working, creative women that are not celebrated enough. We live in a very “celebrity driven” society; it is Too Scoops Kids’s goal to redirect the accolades to the regular mom that has made the commitment to work towards enhancing the life of her family. Overall our blog is trendy and fashion forward. Our concepts are geared towards the “new age mom.” We are young or young at heart and we want to be “hot” moms. We want to have fun and enjoy life.

“Life should be about doing something that inspires you to dream big, change lives, and enjoy the moment!” – Jenny

4. What does a day in your business life look like?- a. Brainstorm about posts, contests, blog concepts, event concepts for the month ahead, b. Formatting the blog post for the day, c. Post story for the day, d. Connect with guest bloggers, e. Research current fashion trends, f. Contact vendors for next contest, event, interviews, etc and finally, g. Post on all social media sites!

5. What types of customers are in your business ‘pink book’ and who are you looking to connect with?-  Our customers love fashion. Our customer cannot leave the mall without buying something cute from a store. Our customers love fun things, they enjoy life, and they have a great sense of humor. Our customers are financially stable, and they are either married, or dream of being married with children. Our customers love pictures—they love things that are visually appealing. Our customers are tech savvy—they are social media people—they like to shop on-line and they prefer to communicate via email.  We would like to connect with a diverse group of women. The most important concept about our brand is that Too Scoops Kids does not have a “face.” Everyone who visits the site should feel comfortable with the content and the visuals. Our customer loves fashion and exploring new things. Our customer continues to come back to our site because they are confident that we are going to provide them with new content. They are confident that our concepts are relevant and relatable.

“Life can be amazing…I’m just enjoying every single day!” – Kharena

6. Is owning your own business as glamorous as it sounds?-  Owing your own business is as glamorous as it sounds but it is also hard work. Alysia and I have always wanted to own our own business so we feel more accomplished working hard for ourselves then we would ever feel working for someone else. When Alysia and I have productive days it drives us to work harder. Our vision is larger than what anyone could ever imagine. We can never really verbalize how big the Too Scoops Kids brand is to us, and how much we want to share our vision with the world.

“Our customer continues to come back to our site because they are confident that we are going to provide them with new content.”

7. Where did you get your education? Tell us about this experience.-  All of our majors in college varied—all of our experience is based purely from our personal love for fashion and our desire to take that love and make it applicable to our individual lives.

Miss Blumarine summer trends for little girls

8. Where do you (or clients) manufacture your products? How did you source the correct manufacturer?-  We have pushed our launch back to next year. At that time we hope to hire a buyer that will help us to determine next steps as far as products/manufacturer.

9. How do you determine what brands you will represent in your online store? How long have you been targeting these brands?-  Our goal is to offer stylish, European inspired clothes. We only want to introduce brands that cannot be found anywhere else. We would like for the brands to be affordable and fashion-forward.

10. What are your plans for expansion?-  Within in the next 2 weeks we will begin to market our Too Scoops Kids/ milkPop T-Shirts for Pre-Order. Within the next 6 months we would like to launch Too Scoops Travel, selling items that we have purchased in our visits to various countries around the globe. These items will be one-of -a -kind finds for our audience.

Little Fashionista!

11. What is your favorite travel hot spot?–  Europe—specifically those noted for fashion, trendy hot spots, with optional family friendly alternatives.

12. How would you describe your personal style, and who are your biggest style inspirations?–  Our style varies. I can speak for myself (Jenny)—I have a more classic style. I do not follow trends unless I love them—I purchase clothes based on what looks good on me. I typically dress in layers. I like dramatic accessories. I enjoy classic colors. I would consider my style similar to a “Jackie O.”

13. Can you offer any advice for new entrepreneurs?–  I think my advice for entrepreneurs would simply be to not dive head first into owning your own business if you are not prepared to work long hours, with minimal free time, and often very stressful nights. If you are not completely committed to seeing your vision through by any means necessary then this is not the business for you. Try to find a strong support system and a good partner if that is the route you choose to go. Remember that your life does not stop just because you started your own business and that regardless of the personal challenges that may arise, you must forge on with tenacity and purpose.

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