As parents we worry a lot. We want our child to be safe while they sleep and we also want to get a good sleep. That is why a baby monitor is important to give parents a peace of mind. We have searched and found the best baby monitor for your family.

What Makes The Best Baby Monitor?

We based a baby monitor being the best based on:

Video Quality– We want you to be able to see your baby when you are looking to make sure your baby is safe. We want a clear video quality so you can really see what is happening and make sure that your baby is safe.

Night Vision– Some babies like to sleep in the dark but some baby monitors do not pick up visually well enough for parents to truly see what is going on. We want a video camera that has night vision so you can see what is going on at night!

Audio Quality– Seeing your child is important but sometimes we want to hear what is going on. If our child is having a bad dream or there are other noises in the room, we want to be able to hear what is going on as much as see what is going on.

Size– Nobody wants to set up a cumbersome baby monitor. We want something small and simple but gets the job done right.

Affordability – We want what’s best for our children and that is always our top priority. However, we want state of the art technology that is affordable. A video baby monitor should work well, last a long time and not break the bank.

Compatible With Most Phones – We want a monitor that you can access from your own phone.

The Extras– We looked for monitors that had really neat extra features that can really help babies and parents! Can you speak to your child through the monitor? Does it play music to soothe your child?

Safety– We want to make sure that the video of your child stays within your family. We want a monitor that has safety features so others cannot access your video’s live feed.

We chose each of these qualities for one reason: to provide safety to your child and allow you to monitor your baby with the best technology on the market. That is why you will love our baby monitor review.

What is The Best Baby Monitor?

With all of these important qualities in mind, we found that the VTECH 5 “Smart Wi-Fi 1080p Video Monitor was our favorite monitor of the year! It was the 2020 Women’s Choice Award and it ticked all of our boxes!

Baby Monitor Video Quality

The camera is 1080p full HD video quality. This camera transmits 1080p high- definition video, so you can clearly see your little one on the viewer, your smartphone or tablet. You feel like you’ve never left the room!

What We Love: The video quality is so clear. Its crisp images let us see what is going on without wondering “what is that?” or “I can’t see if the baby is okay”. If one parent is out running errands or at work, they can just check on their phone how their baby is and get a clear image.

Free Live Remote Access via Smartphone and Tablet

While other companies make you pay a monthly fee to access live remote access or make you get an app with fees or join a “monthly subscription”, VTECH does not! You can remotely listen and view on multiple devices, even outside of the home. This system allows for local and remote viewing through the MyVTech Baby 1080 app with no fees or monthly subscriptions! It gives parents a peace of mind and is cost effective!

Don’t forget that this camera can achieve 360 degree panoramic viewing and view as many as 100 Degrees up and down! If you need that extra detail, you can zoom up to 10x with the mobile app and 4x from the viewer. Incredible for families!


On- Board Recording set for motion detection or on demand for special moments

Are you watching the monitor and realize that an adorable moment is happening? Maybe your child is awaking or babbling. Will they say their first word without you there? Not to worry with the Vtech 5” Smart Wi-Fi 1090p Video Monitor. You can simply peer in and listen and see the beautiful moment happening. The camera has a 360 panoramic viewing and can view as many as 100 degree up and down. That is incredible! However, if you need even more detail, the camera zooms in up to 10 times with the mobile app or 4 times with the viewer. This is so helpful for the peering parent!

High Definition 5 inch Color LCD Screen

You can clearly see every single move your child makes from the 5 inch viewer in high definition. Many competitive baby monitors only have a 3.5 inch monitor. When you check on the baby, it will be like you never left with the amount of detail you will see on the screen.

Best Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi

The VTech 5 “Smart Wi-Fi 1080p Video Monitor is the best baby monitor with Wi-Fi. Use the free My VTECH Baby App to monitor when you’re away from home! Whether you are out with your friends and have a baby sitter or you are running to the store and your partner is watching the baby, you too can monitor your baby clearly from your phone.

Other Great Features

Sound and motion alerts if your baby is moving a lot. Parents will be notified. It has a 3 sound indicator which is so cool.

The High definition camera with the 360 degree control which we detailed earlier!

The lullabies and white noises that you can set for your child to help them sleep or feel a calm. With 5 calming melodies and four soft ambient sounds, your child is guaranteed to go to sleep! Including white noise and trickling stream. We know both of these sounds would give us a great night sleep!

A 2 way intercom! This is great because your baby can feel comfortable listening to your voice and not have to worry about causing a stir. You also have a peace of mind seeing and hearing your child react to your soothing voice. Everything is going to be okay!

This Monitor Grows With Your Family!

When your baby becomes a child, install this in a den, bedroom or playroom so you and your child can communicate if you need to. You can also watch your child as they play. Enjoy those sweet moments and at times, correct those mischievous moments before they become chaotic ones.

Best Baby Monitor without Wi-Fi

Nervous about putting your child’s image and video on Wi-Fi? You can still have a video monitor! VTech 5 “Smart Wi-Fi 1080p Video Monitor is the best baby monitor without Wi-Fi as well! Even though it has Wi-Fi capabilities, you can use local mode connection to monitor your children without the use of Wi-Fi. All of the features included are supported except for accessing over your phone. If you are in your house and your baby is in another room, you can use local mode connection to support this. It’s that simple!

The Extras

With the VTECH 5” Smart Wi-Fi 1080p Video Monitor your camera also doubles as a night light! You can easily soothe your child with a soft night light. This nightlight is built in on camera. It makes things simple and provides further comfort to your little one.

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