Best Place for Baby Shower

When it comes to planning a baby shower, location is everything. The venue lets you and your guests move about and interact with everyone else. The best place for a baby shower has to have some important staples, location, space, room to be creative and so much more. We have some of the best places and spaces that you can use to plan the perfect baby shower. It’s time to make incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

The needs of a venue for a baby shower vary from person to person. It depends on a number of things such as:

Choosing A Baby Shower Venue

To choose a perfect baby shower venue, you have to consider all of these options.

Where the Mom to be is located

Where the Mom to be is located should play an integral role in the baby shower. When a pregnant person is coming from out of town to their baby shower, the amount of gifts could be too much for them to bring back. It can be tiring for a mom to be to take a long drive to a venue, enjoy the baby shower and drive back with gifts and some food.

If possible, choose a location where people can either pick up the mom to be and take her to the venue or a venue that is close to her home, so she can make it back quickly and safely.

Where all of the guests are located

Are all of the guests in the same general area, or are they spread out across the country? Knowing an idea of how many guests are from out of town can help you decide a good venue for the baby shower.

Number of guests

The number of guests is one of the biggest deciding factors of a baby shower venue. If you have a large guest list, you will need a venue that can accommodate the entire guest list. Alternatively, if have a more intimate guest list, you can find a smaller venue.

Time of Year

Some bridal showers are held outside, this may not work for places that have four seasons. A venue can depend on the season. You want a cozy and warm place in the winter and an airy, cool place in the summer.


Does the venue in question have room for games? If your games are more physical in nature (running around) then you are going to need the space. Alternatively, if the games only require to be in your seat, you can plan the perfect venue that will have the space for just that.


Will you be serving a full lunch or just snacks? A full lunch requires space for the food. Check if the venue has catering options or you can bring your own. Some venues can be hasty about letting you bring your own food and other venues may only allow a recommended list of caterers.


Make sure the venue is accessible for all of your guests. If some of your guests need accessibility (ramps instead of stairs, space for a wheelchair to move with ease, dimmed lighting etc) these are things to look for in a perfect venue. These accommodations will make your guests feel comfortable and make it easier for them to attend.

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The Type of Baby Shower

In recent years, virtual baby showers have become a popular thing. It is great for those who live far away to connect online and celebrate the mom to be. Gifts can be sent straight to the Mother’s front door via mail and the baby shower host is now host of the virtual baby shower. We have so many great tips to make a virtual baby shower an absolute success.

Secondly, make a decision if the baby shower will be co ed or not. Is everyone invited to the baby shower? Close friends and family or just women. The games and seating arrangements would have to be addressed if more people are coming.

Lastly, choose whether or not to have children at the event. Children can provide delightful memories at a baby shower. In the same token, they will need different entertainment than the adults. Inviting children makes it easier for those who already have families to attend. Not everyone has family who can babysit. However, if you want an adults only party, it makes planning easier because you are planning the same entertainment for everyone.

Baby Shower Cost

Depending on the event that you are hosting, baby showers can be costly. If you try to be budget friendly, like host at home instead of a venue or in a park and make your own lunch and snacks, you can save a few thousand dollars depending on where you live. A virtual baby shower can be as little as $100 if you want to mail games to each house. In person baby showers can range from $200 to $2000 for a more formal venue. It all depends on how elegant your shower is to be and how many guests.

How Long is A Baby Shower

Virtual baby showers can be short! A virtual baby shower should be no longer than an hour and a half. A virtual baby shower can be as short as forty five minutes. An in person baby shower can be up to three hours. This includes eating, games and time for the mom to be to greet and speak to her guests. Depending on how many people are at the shower, you may or may not have time for the mother to be to open up gifts.

Who Hosts A Baby Shower?

A baby shower can be hosted by the mother of the the mother to be, the sister or sister in law or a friend (or a bunch of friends). If the mother to be has a godmother, they are known to host it too. All of these people can go together to plan and split the costs. Alternatively, the mother can be can host their own baby shower. When a mom to be is hosting their own baby shower, they usually incur the costs.

The people who host the baby shower incur the costs. Some people bring in grandparents to be, sister of the mom to be and friends to make costs less and have a lot of support on the big day.

Places To Host A Baby Shower

There are many great places to host a baby shower. Here are some great ideas to inspire you of the many different options to host the perfect baby shower. Find the best place to for baby shower here.

Intimate Places To Have A Baby Shower

Intimate places to have a baby shower are spaces where it is personable, fun and great for small to medium groups. Here are the best baby shower places that are intimate spaces.

Grandmother To Bes House

Becoming a grandmother is so exciting. Your baby is having a baby! Hosting at the grandmother to bes house lets grandmother decorate her own house. Maybe the Mom to be has grown up in this space and will hold a tremendous sentimental value. Secondly, it is cost friendly and in budget. Lastly, the presents can stay with grandmother to be if mom to be cannot fit them all in her vehicle. People will enjoy the comfortable and personable space and be able to walk around to different rooms.

Make sure that there is a good flow to the house. A bathroom on the same floor helps. The kitchen, living room and dining room should all be open so guests can walk from room to room.

The Hosts House

Whoever is hosting the party may offer up their own home to the guests of the baby shower. This allows all creative control! The host can make sure that the floor is available to guests. Make sure their is an accessible bathroom on the same floor or close to the same floor for guests. The host has clean up right at home, rather than renting a hall and possibly cleaning up off site. People will enjoy the personable and comfortable atmosphere.

Outdoor Baby Shower Places

The best baby shower places are ones that let people move around and enjoy the outdoors, while celebrating the mother to be! These parties can be relaxed or fancy and are weather dependent. With these venues and some smart planning, you are able to relax, enjoy the weather and most of all, celebrate this new baby coming into family and friend circles. Here are some of the best outdoor baby shower places.

A Park

There are so many beautiful parks near your mother to be. If the baby shower is being planned in the summer time, you may want to set up in a park! Weather pending, this can be a beautiful time. Check with the city or town guidelines if you have to rent the space. Choose a park that is not always busy so you will be able to host the shower with ease. Guests will enjoy the fresh are and beautiful atmosphere. Ask the city if you can rent or set up a small tent in case the sun is too intense or it is lightly raining.

Though it can be a gamble with the weather, outdoor parks are perfect, budget friendly and make great for great photos. Guests get to spread out and relax. Host must make sure of seating and tables, food and transport everything.


Choosing a backyard is a great way to host a party. From spring to autumn, this may be the perfect venue choice for mom to be! A backyard allows for the outdoors but keeps the party confined and not a cause for potential interruptions from strangers like a park. The host can rent heaters and make a great space for the guests if the party is in early spring or late fall.

Remember to have a back up plan to take the party inside if it rains or rent a tent to go in the backyard. Hosts must make one bathroom on their main floor available to guests.

A backyard is fun, intimate and guests will love the open space.

Traditional Baby Shower Places

These places are a great way to maintain the tradition of hosting a baby shower and honoring your mother to be. Here are some of the best traditional baby shower places that you can host your next baby shower at.

A Hall

For a more formal affair, hosts choose a hall to rent for the baby shower. Check to see if you can choose the caterer or if catering is provided. Find out if the hall provides, seating, linens, decorations or is it a “bare bones” hall where you bring everything. Though this would be your most costly baby shower venue option, it can provide a lot of space to do what you want.

Some venues give carte blanche to anyone to hang decorations and others can be stringent. See if the venue can provide a list of caterers and music to help with the baby shower. This can be an elegant option for an optimal party.

A Restaurant

A restaurant is a great venue for a baby shower. If they have a private hall or room in the back it can provide some space and privacy for a baby shower. Coupled with delicious food, you can have a great time. See if the restaurant has the space to play games, hold presents and allow people to move around. The delicious meals mean you will choose from the restaurants menu and most likely not be allowed to bring in outside food. Check with the owner or general manager of the baby shower.

Make sure the restaurant opens in the afternoons, some restaurants only open in the evenings.

Trendy Baby Shower Places

If you are looking for a unique space to host a baby shower, in today’s world, it makes it a lot easier to find trendy spaces for a party. Thanks to the internet, apps and social media, finding a trendy baby shower space is just a tap away. Here are some ideas to help you find the best baby shower place.

Condo Party Room

Condo party rooms are the hidden gem for the best place for a baby shower. These type of party rooms are great! They have the space, often times elegance and allow you to decorate to your taste. Many have a fully operable kitchen. Some condo party rooms look out to gardens, while others have views of the city. Whatever the case may be, call the condo board to see if they will rent to people who are not residence of the condo.

Though some condo corporations will not rent to outsiders, many see this as a great way to make revenue while possibly attracting new tenants. A condo party room can be the spacious and intimate party place that everyone will love.

Air BnB

Rent a fabulous house, an interesting space or a comfortable apartment through Air Bnb. The host will rent for one or two days. This gives the host and their helpers time to set up and eventually take down the decorations of the party. Check with your Air Bnb host if parties are permitted on site. Be sure to specify that it is a day time baby shower. Many superhosts are happy to accommodate such an event.

Online Baby Shower

Since the pandemic, online baby showers have become increasingly popular. This is a way that family and friends around the world can attend the baby shower of their loved one. Virtual baby showers are shorter than traditional baby showers. They are budget friendly to the host but just as meaningful. This is great for the mother to be who has many loved ones scattered in different states or countries. Online baby showers need a bit of organizing. If there are game pieces that your guests will need to participate, you have to mail a baby shower box to each guest well ahead of time. For the United States, give at least a week for good measure. For other countries, just be safe and mail it a month in advance.

The host should choose a medium to host the baby shower (facebook, zoom etc) and give people notice to attend. Send clear step by step instructions on how to join the fun!

Best Place For Budget Friendly Baby Shower

budget friendly baby shower

Everyone wants to host an incredible baby shower for the mother to be but everyone also has a budget. Here are some budget friendly baby shower places that will make incredible memories for Mom!

Online Baby Shower

This is an incredible baby shower space because you can invite loved ones from all over the world. Since you are not hosting a physical venue, food or many decorations, it makes it easier on the budget. The Mom to be appreciates that her loved ones from out of town can attend. The games make a great icebreaker.


Backyard parties in general are so popular. Everyone loves the relaxed atmosphere of a backyard and the space to spread out. It is intimate, relaxed but can still be elegant. It suits a variety of tastes. A backyard baby shower venue is budget friendly because the host has control of the food, decorations and no cost for a venue.

At A House

Like a backyard, a house provides an intimate setting of loved ones for a baby shower. Food, decorations and more are controlled by the host. The host will save money on the venue and provide more time for a cleanup later. Time constraints of a hall are not as much of a worry for those who plan a baby shower at a house.

Park Venue

Parks provide a beautiful scenery, a lot of space and can host a big or small baby shower. Many cities let people rent a park space for free. Other cities have a small nomial fee that is completely affordable. This is a great alternative to a hall for those who have a medium to large sized baby shower guest list.

Budget Friendly Baby Shower to Halls

If you are looking for the elegance of a hall experience but not the rules that come with a hall or the price, the best bet is to choose a condo party room. Condo party rooms can be more relaxed with caterers, decorations and they do leave you alone in those three hours. It is also a lot cheaper to rent out that space as opposed to a hall. A downside can be if you want a big guest list, many condo rooms may not be able to provide you with a space that accommodates hundreds of people.

The Best Place For A Baby Shower

When looking for baby shower venues, the best place can vary depending on what you are looking for. It all depends on the size of the baby shower, the budget involved, who is hosting, where the guests and mother to be are coming from and the time of year. With these top places for a baby shower, you are guaranteed to throw a memorable baby shower to celebrate the beautiful baby that is about to come into all of your lives. It may be a short time to gather that day, but it will bring a life time of memories.

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