Best Tips For A Happy Baby And A Happy You!


We are all parents here, or at least I assume we are, otherwise I’ve no idea why you are reading a parenting article. Or maybe you or your partner is pregnant, in which case, congratulations!

We all have our own parenting styles which suit us and child’s needs, but it is always nice to share experiences. So in this article that’s all I really want to do, share my experiences so far from this exciting journey called parenthood. If you find it useful or entertaining then that’s great, and I would equally love to hear any similar stories from you readers. So please do post any in the comment section at the bottom of this article 🙂

I believe that parenting skills do not come before a child comes and so all the knowledge needed, worries, and future concerns too. There is never a way for us to know if we really do love a baby until we actually have one in our pregnancy.

We also are not able to decide which one of all the babies in this world is the cutest, until we see our very own baby 🙂

Since the beginning of my pregnancy, I have wondered and worried if I would be able to handle the parenting responsibilities as much as I love my baby. Whenever I hear someone’s else baby cry I’d shiver and feel all the fears of having one of my own.

But now my baby is already 5 and a half months and I’m glad I followed and felt comfortable with my own parenting style choice regardless of other parents advice and also claims that say “every baby is different, some are demanding, some are peaceful”. I have learnt that whether my baby is demanding or peaceful, it all depends on how I actually handle her physically and emotionally.

Anyway, these are the tasks my husband and I have in our schedule to ensure our baby girl is peaceful and happy at least for most of the day everyday and I hope these will be of help to some parents who are looking for some tips to add to their own parenting responsibilities 🙂

  • We bath her everyday. After washing her face and hair, we make sure to wash her bottom and privates with soap first before putting her in her bathtub.
  • We massage her hands, legs, and back gently with lotion after the bath and before going to sleep. This is her number one favourite session.
  • We cut her nails once a week because she doesn’t just like scratching herself but she loves practicing her power on us too.
  • We clean her nose everyday and ears twice a week with baby cotton buds. Digging her snot out is the hardest because we will have some karate fighting and we often lose the game because we have to be very careful at the same time. If we leave the snot in then she will start getting irritated, scratch her nose, and have breathing difficulties sometimes.
  • We apply lotion around her privates to avoid her from getting rashes. She’s never had a rash but I had mine when I was very young. I remember how painful and irritating it was.
  • We apply a very small amount of Cajeput oil (minyak kayu putih)on her tummy after bath to stop her having a bloated tummy. It keeps her farting sometimes which is good because it keeps her tummy tender.
  • We allow her time to play on her own (under supervision) and also time to play with us.
  • We use baby wipes to clean her when changing her diaper. Our preference is wipes that are alcohol free and contain aloe vera and vitamin E.
  • I keep her feeding from only one breast for the day time and the other one for the night time. I learnt that colic has something to do with breast feeding. Read this to find out more p/s: she’s never had colic 🙂
  • I use specialized baby detergent powder and best stackable washer dryer to clean her clothes.
  • I have no schedule of when to feed her or breast feed her. I let her feed whenever she wants to.
  • She has a schedule of her own about when to nap, when to play, and when to go out. We have trained her to go to sleep at the same time as us at night. It took us two months to get her used to it. Hard work, but it was worth it. We all get a good sleep at night.
  • She has a 15 minute reading session before bed time. Her favorites are Mog The Forgetful Cat and The Tiger Who Came To Tea (these books are gifts we received from a good friend of ours, thanks Jason!) p/s we started reading for her since she was 2 and a half months, now she loves books!
  • We put on an all-in-one pajama on her during the night so we don’t have to worry so much about having a blanket while we are all sleeping.
  • We have trained her that as soon as the light is off it’s a time for her to sing herself to sleep 😀 I used to sing and hum for her but now she prefers to sing on her own. It was probably because I started using the womb sound to put her to sleep too.
  • She has learnt and understood that her mummy will never do the rocking at night to put her to sleep so she goes to sleep independently with a gentle patting on her thighs.
  • We avoid leaving her awake until she gets overtired because she becomes inconsolable afterwards.
  • She has at least a 40 minute walking around outside session everyday in the evening and I’m looking forward to have more time for that in the future (where we live is very hot during the day so it makes it difficult to walk around in the day time).
  • We make sure that she has 30 minutes minimum when she naps wherever we are. I’m sorry for those people who got a harsh warning from me because they tried to wake our baby up while sleeping just for the sake of wanting to see how her eyes look like as a Bi-racial baby.
  • We attend every clinic appointment and call my favourite nurse anytime should I have any other questions or worries. I also call my mum a lot her for opinions and share her experiences.
  • My husband and I often have a discussion about our parenting style and ability. We discuss and decide what needs to stop, what needs to improve, what we need to try, and what we are satisfied about.

There is a lot more on the list but those above are the most important and what we focus our attention on the most.

So, as I mentioned before do share yours as I love hearing other parent’s experiences and tips. If you have any worries that you’d like to share or something funny, I appreciate hearing all of it.