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This week a new book landed on our list that introduces young readers to a lovable cat’s adventure in a new book called, Betty and the Loaf-of-Bread Sit. This book is written by Marisa Wiens and illustrated by Laura Toews. Betty and the Loaf-of-Bread Sit takes young readers on an adventure with Betty as she finds the perfect sit for her adorable and lumpy self. After many failed attempts at finding the best sit, she finds herself hungry and ends up finding the perfect sit. Betty even decides not to eat after all as the “sit” was just too comfy!

The illustrations are just adorable and they illustrate the story beautifully. My daughter just loved seeing the “kitty” as we turned each page. It was an overall adorable and easy book to read. These are my favourite as they keep my almost two year intrigued from beginning to end.


I had the opportunity to speak with author, Marisa, to find out a little bit more about her and what inspired her.

“I’ve always been a child at heart and I love to get creative. Once I had my son, we were borrowing a lot of books from the library and reading them at bedtime. I was not impressed with a lot of the children’s books that were out there and the idea came to me one day that I should write a children’s book”, said Marisa.

As for her inspiration, it all started with gramma. “My cat Betty (who is named after my deceased gramma and who found me on the eve of my gramma’s passing) is the inspiration for my book. Since my gramma passed before she could ever meet my children, I feel this is a way for them to get to know her and I always feel her chuckling and reading along with us”, stated Marisa. I always find the stories behind the stories so touching and this was one of them!


The neat part in making this book is that Marisa and the illustrator Laura grew up together in North Delta, British Columbia and have been best friends. These two could always be found on the playground, reveling in their own unique world of unicorns and peculiar merriment. So it was only natural to ask her best friend who was a fantastic artist to be her illustrator. Marisa stated, “I thought it would be something really cool for us to do together so it did not take much convincing to recruit her for the illustrations.”

When I asked Marisa what message does she want children to get out of her book, she stated, “I think I mainly want to tap into the playfulness and silliness that is in children. I think the message is that you can be silly and have fun while reading.” I think that message is awesome!

This book is a great read for young children one to five years of age and especially perfect for a young reader with a love of cats.

To purchase this lovely book you can visit, http://bookstore.authorhouse.com/Products/SKU-000980241/Betty-and-the-LoafofBread-Sit.aspx https://www.amazon.com/Betty-Loaf-Bread-Marisa-Wiens-ebook/dp/B01BVMJKG0/182-4031052-4891628?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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Twitter: @BettyatLobs
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Marisa now resides in Victoria, British Columbia, with her husband, Chris; her son and daughter, Carver and Emeri; her two cats, Betty and Luongo; and her dog, Makaveli. She dedicates this book to her cat-loving gramma, Betty, who taught her unconditional love and who is now somewhere over the rainbow in heaven.

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We give this book 5 meows out of 5!

Until next time….Happy Parenting!

– Momma Braga

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