Every parent strives to provide the necessary tools for their child to become successful. Author Maya Thiagarajan takes a close examination between Asian and Western approaches to parenting, education and family life in her book, Beyond The Tiger Mom – East-West Parenting For The Global Age.


This is a great book to help your child achieve their potential academically.  Do you have a child who just cannot pay attention? Do you find yourself studying with your child for hours and they do not seem to retain any information? Some children memorize but we want our children to know and understand the information that they are receiving.  Beyond The Tiger Mom answers all of these questions and more.

The book includes a section (highlighted with grey pages) dedicated to Tips For Parents. We especially liked the section to Help Your Child Memorize Information.

This book particularly highlights something that is important to us, the importance of teaching math to young children. Math is the universal language and many children (and parents) shy away from instruction, especially in the early years. Math is integral for a child’s cognitive development and like a new language, encourages children to think in a different way. We love that Beyond The Tiger Mom goes into depth on the importance of mathematics.

Whether you want to train your child to expand their attention span, aid in your child reaching optimal educational success or are just looking to enrich your child in a different way of learning, this book is definitely for you.

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