Bitty Bambino: Friends and Business Partners

Who says that friends cannot go into business together? Taryn Ovens and Vanessa Halligan can report otherwise! Surrounded by a red brick walled interior and barn board displays, both of these women have a very special, unique little baby store in Port Hope, Ontario: Bitty Bambino.

Ever since elementary school, Taryn and Vanessa were good friends. They had completely different personalities, Taryn was studying to be a police officer and Vanessa was in the banking industry. Born just three weeks apart and discovering that they were both pregnant with girls at the same time (who evidentally, were born three weeks apart also), these friends sought out to fill their homes with baby supplies for their expanding families.

Both Taryn and Vanessa realized that the majority of items were quite similar from each big boxed store close to their home. They wanted unique products and clothing! Despite the protests of various people saying partnerships never work, the ladies came up with  the idea to go into business together and create a baby store: Bitty Bambino Boutique.


Bitty Bambino Boutique is in Port Hope, Ontario

Bitty Bambino Boutique is in Port Hope, Ontario


Bitty Bambino Boutique holds product from the UK, Texas and as of now, they carry six different products from local mothers. They also carry and support a lot of Canadian made products and have a lot of organic products as well! Both Taryn and Vanessa are passionate about helping local mompreneurs and they plan on adding more products to their growing collection. They carry clothes from newborn to 5T and new expecting mothers items! Those outside of Port Hope who cannot come down and see Bitty Bambino can visit their facebook page and request a shipment of items. However, keep checking back with Bitty Bambino’s website, as they will offer website shipping soon!


Check out Bitty Bambino’s beautiful store!

Both Taryn and Vanessa also believe in charity by bringing more awareness to Down syndrome. They also supported Pink Day, which on April 10th was awareness to stop bullying in all forms. They will be hosting The Great Cloth Diaper change at their store! Learn how cloth diapers are a great, green option for your family.

Bitty Bambino also has prenatal classes, car seat installation class, baby massage and Wee Hands courses where Taryn is instructor!

Supporting local moms, having unique adorable products (check out those cow girl boots!) and being involved in the community with a beautiful, trendy boutique is exactly what these mompreneurs are about! If you are in Port Hope, or want to support Canadian business, come visit these ladies, say hello and continue to support real families who go beyond owning a business, but being a part of a community!


Cowgirl boots by Bootzies! Currently at Bitty Bambino Boutique.