Blimey Box – STEM Educational Escape Games Right At Home!

As parents, we all want our children to be STEM Savvy. How do we sway our kids to math, technology, engineering and science? What better way to make your children fall in love with STEM than to escape from reality and play some fun and exciting educational games. Enter Blimey Box, the educational games geared towards those budding minds from age’s five to nine.


How It Started


It takes people who have kids to understand what kids want. That is exactly the story of Blimey Box. Whitney and Jason Ebert are two parents who were trying to make at- home learning for their kids a fun time. Why can’t you learn while having fun? With the birth of Blimey Box, children everywhere can have adventures, mystery and solve puzzles right in the comfort of their own home.


Whitney was an elementary school teacher and she was aware of young children and their immense curiosity for learning. She knew that Brewer had a keen interest in learning and exploring.


When the Ebert’s son was only four, Jason put together a fun homemade escape room kit. From locks to puzzles, Four year old Brewer was in love with his father’s creation. The family decided to expand this idea into something more, especially after seeing Brewer’s success and growth with STEM based activities.


The escape room kit is portable and went with the family as they went on vacations. This screen free kit kept Brewer busy for 30 minutes or more!



From playing in a restaurant to trips to right at home, this became more and more fun and the family decided to make these kids for all children!



Visit Blimey Box and try a free sample game! We know you will be so impressed you will have to order a kit.


Blimey Box- What’s inside?


Each kit is divided by age:

Ages 5-6




Be sure to try a sample game to assess your child’s abilities so you know the perfect kit to purchase!


Each kit has between 45- 135 games for your child to enjoy.


Your Child will learn

-problem solving skills

-unlock learning

-confidence building skills

-imagination skills. They will have fun learning!


There are games for all price ranges and there are three free games that you can set up on your own to try! Test your child’s ability with these three incredibly fun games so you know what kit to buy and what difficulty level to choose.

What We Love

We love the curiosity, how this activity keeps your children busy and that these are games that the whole family can enjoy!

Blimey Box is ready to give your child a fantastic adventure while they dive right into STEM related activities. We trust Blimey Box because it is made for children by parents, just like you. Can you crack each kit? We can’t wait to see what you think!