The beautiful month of May is here and we have a beautiful blog of the month to introduce to all of you! Meet Chelsea…

What inspired you to start your blog?

My name is Chelsea and I am a first-time mama, full-time wife and an expert coffee drinker! I was inspired to start Babies and Lattes the moment my son was born. I have never researched, googled & searched for so much information in my life. From breastfeeding to sleep schedules… you name it. I was on a quest to hear from other mom’s. That was when I finally decided to start documenting my journey in hopes of helping other mama’s going through the same situations & seeking the same information from fellow parents.

What is your blog about?

Babies and Lattes is my quest on finding balance between having babies and drinking lattes… literally! I want to be able to share my experiences as a new mom all while continuing to do the things I love (with my new side-kick). Aside from documenting and sharing our experiences, we also have started partnering with our favourite local mama’s and shops to promote the brands we love! Join along on my journey… you may laugh, cry or even have a chance to win some cool products through our giveaways!

What are you passionate about?
Where do I begin? I am super passionate about family and the importance of growing together. I come from a super close-knit family and can only aspire to bring that love & togetherness to my own little family. I am also SUCKER for any Hallmark holiday, I cannot help myself. It is so much more fun celebrating when you have a little babe, bring on all of your creative ideas & festive decor.  You will also find me taking pictures of fresh flowers & coffee… because who isn’t passionate about that?!

Where do you see your blog in five years?
Aside from sharing my experiences with others, I truly enjoy partnering with different companies to help bring brand awareness to their products & products we love. I definitely want to continue to support local & small and help #girlbosses across the globe!