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With a New Year ahead of us comes new and exciting parenting bloggers. We start off 2016 strong with this wonderful blogger, Jenna and her blog, I Am Just Checking!


Jenna has a great blog about having two CUTE little kids and being a working Mother. Jenna is also an OCD survivor. We loved this post about the overuse of people saying “I’m So OCD!”  OCD  is common and Jenna does a great job bringing a voice to all of those who have OCD. We think it is perfect for OCD survivors and those who do not understand OCD alike to relate to these posts. It helps those who do not understand educate themselves and those who do have it have a sense of community knowing at there are others out there. We can’t thank her enough for being so open with her posts.


Jenna Stewart

However, this blog has many facets, which is why it is SO GREAT. Jenna is an incredibly talented writer, who knows how to address so many parenting situations. She is articulate and can put a voice to everyday parenting questions and experiences. Everyone can relate to this post about being a sleep deprived Mother of two. She is also witty and hilarious. It’s a fun blog that you can sit with a glass of wine and read and nod your head saying, “Yes! Someone gets it!” Speaking about someone understanding, this piece about the Daycare Dilemma that so many of us face is spot on.


If you’re looking for a great parenting blog that is articulate, funny, witty, honest and tells it like it is, then look no further. Jenna’s talent for writing and understanding what people are going through makes this blog the amazing site that it is. Click here to find out why this is one of our favorite blogs!