What inspired you to start your blog?

My blog originally started as an anonymous outlet for my feelings when going through IVF. I had just been through 3 failed IUI’s as well as 1 abandoned cycle, and I used the community of women open enough to share their stories on social media, to get me through all of the highs and lows of going through assisted fertility.

Having spent hours obsessively searching the net for other women’s thoughts, feelings, embarrassing moments, uncomfortable conversations, symptoms and outcomes, I realised just how many of us where going through the same thing, and that I wasn’t quite as alone as I felt when we were first launched into the unknown.

So with our first IVF round looming, I decided to document it, in the hope that my journey, regardless of the outcome, gave hope / comfort / normality for someone out there. Little by little my blog became my coping mechanism, a place to vent, to be brutally honest and unburden myself of the worries and stresses we were faced with along the way. I first chose the name Kickstartbaby, which soon became Kickstartbabies when were told we were expecting twins.

What is your blog about?

Oops ! Think the above was a giveaway…

My blog is a brutally honest journey to mummy, through IVF and beyond. I have documented my entire journey, unfiltered and raw, from IVF injections in June 2014 , the birth of our gorgeous, twin boys Ronnie & Arnie in January 2015, right through to this very day, as I muddle my way through mummyhood.

What are you passionate about?


I’m incredibly passionate about encouraging people to share their IVF journeys, to talk openly and rid the taboo around the subject of infertility. It’s not for everyone, baring your private life for all to see. But for me, personally it’s given me a huge support network that have helped and reassured me on what to expect along the way, it’s given a voice for those suffering in silence and it’s given hope to at least one person going through it.

Where do you see your blog in five years?

My big dream is to write my book. I’ve started it, but like a lot of the dreams I have, it’s taking a little time.

I have recently set up my website which has content ranging from an open diary through IVF, an IVF timeline, regular blog posts and much more, so I would love to see that continue to reach women all over the world.

My blog has really given me a thirst for writing, which in turn has inspired me to go in search for things to write about, so I hope to be able to fill in a few of the blanks and have the opportunity to meet/interview some incredible people, maybe leading me to become a top blogger!

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