You are going to love this blog! Katherine is a SAHM with three littles (one sweetie and twins!!). From politics to family, this Mom will keep you entertained! Read her interview below.
What inspired you to start your blog?
As a SAHM living in the desert, the summer brought with it a major social media addiction. Endless Facebook and Instagram scrolling was making my head spin, and I had run out of The Walking Dead to watch on Netflix.  I needed to clear my head, but it was 115 °F outside so dog walking with the stroller wasn’t really an option. I had a realization that I could be putting my media addiction to good use – why spend all day reading mom blog posts when I could be writing my own? So there and then that day, I got Twin Pickle up and running.
What is your blog about?
When I started, I had a vision of being all scientific and factual, with properly researched stories about twins and their quirks. But it turned out it’s the everyday parenting stuff that readers respond well do, and it’s so much more fun to write. My six year old creates more comedy and random stories than I would have ever imagined, it’s only when you start writing it down you realize quite how hilarious kids are. I also post the odd recipe; at the moment I have a series called ‘Baby Finger Food’ as my twin boys have just come off puree.
What are you passionate about?
If I had to pick one thing, I would say education and learning. I would be a permanent student with a degree in every subject field if it didn’t cost me any money. I used to design schools when I worked as an Architect in the UK, and then retrained to be a secondary school Science Teacher. With all that study I’ve probably had my allowance of University for now, although I’d love to go back and study Astro or Particle Physics, it’s fascinating. I’m hooked on teaching myself new skills, whether it’s web design, crochet, piano or plumbing. I’m basically a Jack of All Trades (master of none).
Where do you see your blog in five years?
In five years my boys will have just started Kindergarten, so I’ll be ready to take over the world…queue evil mom laugh. Honestly, I have no idea, but it would be amazing if the blog earned me an income so that I didn’t feel obliged to start commuter traffic for a 9-5… what a yawn. Now I’ve had a taste of the good life I don’t think I want to go back to employment in the conventional sense, but  hey, in five years I can learn a lot of new stuff so I could be selling you rocket ships to the moon. Never say never.
Image source: The Vegas presidential campaign debate starts in a matter of hours, and I can’t help think, who would win in a fight?


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